How to Drive Your Car on the Sand in Dubai

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driving on sand dubai
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Of course, driving on the sand is not the same as driving on the road and there are a few things you must keep in mind before you do so. If the sand is hard-packed, a two-wheel-drive would be enough for cruising the shoreline. However, most beaches have soft sand so you will need a four-wheel drive vehicle., an online marketplace to sell any car in Dubai and UAE, has compiled this guide to prepare you for driving on the sand.

Reduce Air Pressure

First, you will have to reduce the air pressure in your used car’s tires. This will help increase the footprint of your ride in the sand and as a result, it would be able to glide through the sand more easily. Some beaches even have a parking lot where you can air down before hitting the sand. This way you will not have to travel a lot on the pavement with low pressure.

As for how much the tire pressure needs to be lowered, there is no universal figure and it varies depending on the car. If you drive an SUV or a midsize truck, going down between 12-15 psi would be enough. However, if you own something heavier, you should keep the pressure between 18 and 25 psi. That’s because bigger cars already offer a large footprint. While less air pressure is usually better, you should not go below 10 psi as this could cause the tire to come off of the wheel and this is certainly not something you want.

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It’s typical for most new vehicles out there to offer some kind of traction or stability control system. They can be defeated by using a button on the dash when the ride is in a four-wheel-drive high range. Usually, it’s defeated automatically when the car is placed into a low range. This is crucial because your ride’s wheel speed can fluctuate massively in the sand and this could cause it to believe that it’s sliding on the pavement. This will make it withhold power to the tires and apply the brakes,


Beach driving could take a toll on your powertrain. You will need the tires to help you keep moving as momentum is key. That’s why a high range is great for driving in the sand. An intelligent all-wheel-drive system eases the task further. That said, if your vehicle is equipped with oversized tires and you find it is struggling to cruise through the sand in a high range, you can always switch to low range. The gear reduction will aid with resistance. However, you might need to put the transmission into high gear for increased wheel speed.

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Keep A Shovel

Even with all the preparation, there is no guarantee that you wouldn’t get stuck and that’s why it’s a good idea to bring a shovel. If you try to drive out of the sand, you will probably dig your vehicle deeper. You could try reversing out of it but if that doesn’t work, use the shovel.

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