How to Pick Child Car Seats for Mercedes in UAE

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child car seat mercedes uae
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Car seats are a crucial part of your baby shopping list. They make the ride safer for your little one when traveling with them. However, picking the right car seat for your child is a challenge in itself with the huge variety of car seats available in the market. If you’ve just invested in a used Mercedes in UAE and are looking for tips to find the right child car seat for it, be sure to follow this guide.

Car Seat Buying Guide

Nowadays, all the car seats available in the market are safe for your child. After all, they are available in the market for that very reason. What matters more is whether you are using the seat correctly or not.  Although child mortality due to traffic accidents have decreased by 43%, three out of four car seats are still not used correctly as per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Therefore, to make sure you are using the seat correctly in your used Mercedes in UAE, you must first choose the correct seat for your needs. Here are a few tips to make your car seat search a little easier.

  1. Know your needs – Before you start looking for a car seat, check your used Mercedes in UAE. How much space do you have? What is the car seat attachment system in your car?  Is it LATCH or the belt or both? How often do you travel, what is your family size, and family plans? All of these things are important. If you have a small car you will want a small car seat that fits in easily. Do you want to place the seat in the middle on the back seat or side? How many people will be sitting in the back seat with your child and how many seats do you need in your car? If you already have a child in the booster seat, then you want a small one for your infant to fit along easily.

2.Do you want a fixed one or a portable car seat – Yes both options are available in the market. You can get a heavy-duty car seat which might not be easy to move between two cars or you can get one that also doubles as a carrycot.

3.How long do you intend to use it – You can get an infant seat which can be used only until your child turns two or a convertible seat that you can later use as a toddler seat and even a booster seat too. It really depends on how much you are willing to invest, how long do you want to use the same seat, and whether you want a portable one too.

Once you have figured out the answers to these basic questions, you are all set to start your quest to find the perfect seat for your child. But first, get a good look at the types of car seats you will find in the market.

4.The Infant Car Seat – The infant car seats are usable from the time of birth up until your child turns two. But that majorly depends on the weight and height of your child. These seats usually come with a detachable base and double as a baby carrier too so you can easily get your sleeping baby out of the car without waking her up. Only parents know what a blessing it is. These seats are usually adaptable with strollers too. These infant car seats are rear-facing.

5.The Convertible Car Seat – These seats are first used as rear-facing infant seats and later as front-facing toddler seats. It is one of the best investments if you plan to use the car seat for longer and don’t plan to remove it from the car once it is fixed in place.

6.Convertible Booster seats – These are forward-facing car seats which also work as a booster seat for when your child no longer needs the car seat. If you plan to use the same seat in more than one car, this might not be the best investment since it comes with a large, heavy frame to support the weight of older kids.

7.Booster seats – These are available with and without back for use until the seat belt fits safely by itself, which is usually around the age of 12 or 13.

8.The All-in-one Car Seat – It starts as a rear-facing infant seat, then a forward-facing toddler seat and can be used as a booster seat too. These are sturdy with heavy frames. A great long-term investment for your child.

You don’t always have to spend a lot on a car seat. It doesn’t really matter what type of seat you choose as long as you are following the manufacturer’s manual and using the seat correctly, your child is safe. 

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