Dubai’ans, These New Baby Car Seats Are Game-Changers!

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Dubai’ans, car safety for your baby has been revolutionized!

Families with small children always give a high priority to safety features in new and used cars. Maxi-Cosi, an American car seat manufacturing company, has come up with the coolest innovation to ensure your child’s safety. is constantly on the lookout for new approaches to improve safety in Dubai cars. Every car inspected on the platform is reviewed for its safety standards, and we believe these new baby seats are game-changers for parents in Dubai, UAE.

In collaboration with Mamas & Papas and Road Safety UAE, Maxi Cosi invented a baby car seat with airbags. The airbags are positioned in the two shoulder pads on the harness. In case of a collision, it will inflate in about 0.05 seconds and reduce the pressure on the neck vertebrae by up to 55% and minimize head damage in case of a forward collision. These airbags deflate one second after a collision.

According to studies conducted by Road Safety UAE last year, one out of three parents did not have the proper equipment to drive with a child. Additionally, an alarming 42% of younger parents between the ages of 18-29 did not have baby car seats, which is a major red flag! This huge breakthrough in child safety will make searching for baby-friendly cars in Dubai a little easier.

We certainly hope that this makes the residents in Dubai, UAE more cautious about their child’s safety especially when buying used cars Dubai. We at fully support the cause which is why if you just had a new addition to the family, we have a number of pre-inspected, family-friendly cars for you to choose from!