If you have ever made the mistake of putting diesel in your petrol car, then you know what a real headache that can be. Learn from the mistakes of others as one wrong step can seriously wreck both brand new and used cars in Dubai. This handy guide by the experts at CarSwitch.com can help prevent or contain damage to your ride and keep repair costs to a minimum.

  • Should you notice that the wrong type of fuel has been poured into your tank while you’re still at the gas station, don’t start your car and take the key out of the ignition. If you have put two litres or less of diesel in a petrol car (less than 5% of a full tank), filling up the rest of the tank with petrol should ensure there is no damage to your car.

  • If you’ve put in more than two litres, then you will have to get the wrong fuel drained before driving your vehicle again. In Dubai and generally in the UAE, you can simply call a fuel removal company to do that. Once the fuel has been drained and the tank flushed, refill the tank and you are good to go.
  • If you started driving your vehicle before realising the mistake, then diesel has already begun to circulate around your petrol engine. Here’s what you should to do then. Find a safe place to pull over as soon as possible and shut down the engine. Call for a recovery truck to take your car to a mechanic where the remaining diesel can be drained and your system cleaned. You might also have to get your car’s fuel filter changed.

Generally, your car should run fine after you’ve followed these steps. Since this is an experience you won’t care to repeat, just remember that old saying about prevention being better than cure.

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