4 Factors to Consider When Buying a Child-Friendly Car in Dubai

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Buy a child-friendly used car in Dubai

As a parent, your kids’ safety and comfort will have a high priority when you’re shopping for a brand new or used car in Dubai. Many Dubai residents wonder what other factors they should keep in mind when buying a car. After all, you wouldn’t want to make an uninformed decision on an expensive purchase. This handy guide by CarSwitch.com can surely help you find the right car for your family.

Safety is every parent’s first concern: This can be a long list but the most important things are comfortable safety belts for children (so the kids do not mind staying buckled up), forward-collision alert and adaptive cruise control (to keep everyone safe even if the driver is distracted by children in the backseat. Go for a car with a reversing camera or Park sensors that uses bumper-mounted sensors to be aware of even low and small objects as you reverse your car. Anti-lock braking system (ABS) is a great safety feature because it improves your car’s braking ability and steering control.

Comfort is necessary for peace of mind: Your peace of mind as a driver depends on getting all possible comforts for the backseat passengers. So pay attention. Separate climate controls are worth paying for if you will frequently have young passengers in the backseat. It would also be great to have a convex mirror to give the driver a full view of what’s going on in the rear seat. Try to get a car where the back seats also recline so the kids can sleep. Cup-holders for the rear seats are always useful. Just because your car is a second home to you kids doesn’t mean it can’t be dirt-free. Getting a car with a built-in vacuum cleaner (as introduced by some new minivans) offers great value for money.

Space really matters: Children DO NOT like cramped spaces. And when they are with you for extended trips, be prepared to haul enough stuff to equip a small army. So the more seating and storage space your ride has, the better. We are talking about decent practicality and loads of backseat storage space, pockets in the ceiling and enough boot space to haul around kids’ paraphernalia. Remember, if the little ones don’t have enough space to move around they will start fighting with each other sooner than usual. One feature that can make a vehicle more kid-friendly is a low window line, which allows children to see out the window, so they do not get bored quickly.

Tech features for a fun ride: Like it or not, children today are more tech dependent than ever. iPod plugs, a USB connection for the backseat or a DVD player will keep the younger passengers entertained. Adjustable holder for smartphones and tablets neatly built into the back of the front seat are priceless, should they want to watch a movie. A car with a built-in Bluetooth allows you to keep your hands free as you take calls on your cell. Anyone who has experienced being lost with a carload of bored kids will tell you that getting a built-in GPS is a good investment.

When out shopping for a family car, it might be a good idea to bring your spouse or even the kids along so they can check out the backseat and other comforts the car packs. Final advice: going for a child-friendly car doesn’t mean that you should ignore what you love. For us, it is a sweet sound system 🙂 Happy shopping!

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