7 Preventive Maintenance Tips That Every Car Needs!

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Anyone who is a car expert can tell you that you should never ignore preventive measures! Frequent preventative maintenance is what you need to not just keep your car happy but to also prevent future repair costs in the long run. Car maintenance is also very important to retain value in used cars for sale! Check out the CarSwitch.com top preventative maintenance tips that every car needs!

  1. Read the manual. Reading the manual may seem like a tedious task but it does cover the basics such as, changing the oil, filters or timing belts, checking the tyre pressure and getting regular inspections. The manual is not just any generic manual. It is designed for your car model and to guide you and help overcome issues for your car. So be sure to read it!
  2. Do a thorough inspection yourself. Check if anything is working out of the ordinary. Make sure the lights are working properly. Check the air pressure in the tyre periodically (buy an air pressure gauge if you don’t have one). Also, listen for any odd sounds that might give an indicator on the car’s poor performance.
  3. Check your oil and get it changed frequently. Knowing the difference between clean and murky oil can save you a ton of future costs and can indicate if something’s wrong with your engine. Check out our handy annual maintenance guide for car owners that tells you exactly when it’s most suitable to change your car oil and filter!
  4. Check the car batteries. Check the batteries to make sure that they are not leaking. Batteries can sometimes cause mineral build up in the contacts. If there is, then use a brush designed for battery cleaning to wipe the contacts. While you are at it, consider buying a battery tester. You’ll never need to call a mechanic to give you a hand!
  5. Replace the cabin air filter. It’s one of the easiest things to do and one that improves the car experience the most. Get a fitting filter at an auto parts store and you are good to go!
  6. Replace the engine air filter. Your car’s manual guide will already tell you when to replace your engine air filter according to a certain mileage estimate. If the filter is dirty, replace it. If you drive long distances daily, then it may need to be replaced more frequently.
  7. Get your tires rotated and balanced and their alignment checked. When tires wear uniformly, your car drives smoothly. Instead of getting your tires replaced, which can be very costly, get them rotated and balanced. Alignment is also important. If you can’t drive straight, get your tires checked to see if they are properly aligned.

If you are thinking about investing in used cars in Dubai, ensure the vehicle is well-maintained. At CarSwitch.com every car has been warrantied, certified and hand inspected! Once you get your car, follow these maintenance tips to ensure it performs smoothly in the UAE for years to come. Good luck!