Which Car Would Santa Drive If His Sleigh Broke Down?

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We all know that on the much awaited Christmas eve, dear old Santa delivers presents to all the good boys and girls on his faithful, ol’ sleigh of choice. But something terrible has happened! Santa had been munching on too many homemade cookies lately. So much so that his weight broke his own sleigh. Oh no! Kids from Dubai to California are waiting for their presents! But CarSwitch.com has an idea! Let’s break down some of Santa’s car options, shall we? If he doesn’t like them though, then he is also welcome to try used cars for sale!

The need for speed Santa: Ford Mustang

Since the Santa is already late in delivering presents to all the good, little humans are already so distressed! And the elves too are losing their patience with Santa for being off schedule! So, what’s a Santa got to do? He’ll drive something with a little extra kick in it! — The Ford Mustang. With a 5 litre turbocharged engine and a manual six-speed transmission combined with a 435 horsepower, this car definitely packs punch! It has power, speed and a sleekiness that would make any reindeer jealous!

The “Rebel” Santa who needs time off from his gig: Lamborghini Aventador

We all get fed up with our jobs sometimes. Even if the job is as soul-satisfying as rewarding goodness. The strict timings and tight schedules would make anyone want to blow off some steam for a while! And Santa is no exception. The presents are already late anyways! The perfect choice to deliver the ultimate driving experience with its feline sleekness and power packed V-12 engine! This cracker can reach top speeds of 100 kph in 2.5 secs!

    The Cool-minded executive Santa who knows how to get the job done:  Sedan Audi A8

Santa has the hardest job in the world. And thousands of elves as employees. With such a huge global distribution network, Santa is no less than a fast-track executive. And executives drives luxury sedans! This model is the “car” embodiment of an understated tuxedo with satiny looks and an irresistible style! With turbo-charged V-6 engines, its characteristic square grill and a pair of sexy headlights, this car is right under Santa’s alley! Why wouldn’t it be? Executive cars are the best cross between luxury and comfort!

 The hearty and cheerful Santa: Ford F-150

This car embodies the Santa that we all know and love. Couldn’t you just imagine dear old Santa with his cuddly belly and smiling face happily traversing through the dry plains with a diggy packed with gifts! It’s not the most fuel efficient car though. With a fuel capacity of 781, it’s range is only 660 km. But it’s red and bulky! And reminds us of Santa, nonetheless. We bet he would love it!

So, this was a fun ride! It’s difficult to know what car Santa would go for. There are a lot of options, though. Personally, we believe he would go with the “need for speed” Mustang! How cool it would be to see him cruising around in that! Let’s make this “journey” more fun, shall we? Hop on to CarSwitch.com and let us know which car Santa would pick from our used cars for sale!