5 Tips to Prepare your Car for the Dubai Summer

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summer preparation for used cars in Dubai, UAE
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Unable to handle high temperatures, many used cars in Dubai, UAE break down during summer. At the peak of summer, parts like air conditioning unit and engine cooling system have to work at their maximum capacity. This increases the chances of something going wrong with your car. People with older cars in Dubai often find themselves standing in the middle of the road in unbearable heat. Experts at CarSwitch have put together 5 simple steps to stay cool in Dubai during the summer and save thousands in repair bills.

  1. Replace your Car Battery: The heat of your engine combined with the high summer temperatures can weaken your car battery. If your battery is more than 3 years old or you see signs of corrosion on the car battery’s terminals, get it replaced as soon as possible. Keep up with regular maintenance using this handy calendar.
  2. Service Car AC unit: You should get your car’s air conditioning unit inspected and serviced every spring to make sure that it is able to keep you cool even at the peak of summer. Refrigerant leakage can reduce the cooling power of your AC, so make sure to specifically have refrigerant pressure checked.
  3. Tint car windows: While a good air conditioning unit is a necessity for every car in Dubai, another trick that can help you stay cool is tinting. You can make your car AC more effective by getting rear and side windows tinted but make sure that it is legal (current maximum level is 30%).
  4. Check Car tires: Your car’s tires are in direct contact with the road, which is constantly being baked by the Dubai sun. Check for bulges and cracks and replace old tires because they are more likely to blow in the summer heat. Worn-down tires can seriously compromise your safety.
  5. Inspect Engine’s cooling system: Fix small problems in spring before they turn into big ones in summer. Ask a mechanic to check your car’s radiator for leaks and to make sure that your coolant is in a good condition – yes, coolant and not water! If the temperature light goes on while you are driving, immediately turn off the AC and open car windows. Or you can go open-roof with such used convertibles in Dubai, UAE.

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