What to Do at RTA to Sell Your Car in Dubai

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Want to sell car in Dubai, UAE or any other city but avoid the long and painful process it involves? Everyone wants to get it done and over with as quickly as possible. But going unprepared to the Dubai RTA can waste time and result in multiple visits. Experts at CarSwitch have prepared this simple checklist to help you transfer your used car with Zero hassle. This checklist focuses on cars where there is no financing involved.

  1. Sellers, clear any outstanding fines or loans: Most of the fines on your car can be dealt with quickly at the time of transfer. However, if you need to clear any outstanding bank loans on your car, do it in advance because banks require a few working days to electronically file loan clearance with the RTA. When selling your car, be on the lookout for these scams.
  2. Buyers, bring Dubai visa/Ejari: If the buyer’s resident visa is not from Dubai, then the buyer will have to bring along an Ejari contract to prove that he/she lives in Dubai. If the buyer doesn’t have an Ejari issued in Dubai then he/she will have to register the car in the Emirate for which they have a visa.
  3. Pick a time and RTA location: Pick an RTA location in Dubai where the lines are likely to be shorter. The RTA located in Al Barsha is a good bet as it has multiple counters and it is open 24/7.
  4. Get your car inspected: Every vehicle must pass an RTA inspection before the transfer of ownership. Get your car tested at one of the bays at the RTA. Sellers might want to get minor repairs done ahead of the transfer day to avoid failing the inspection. For example, cars with worn down tires or breaks do not pass.
  5. Bring along all the documents: Seller and buyer must bring along all relevant documents to the RTA. These include original and copies of:
      • Passport and residency visa (seller and buyer)
      • Emirates ID (seller and buyer)
      • Car’s mulkiya (seller only)
      • Driver’s license (buyer only)
      • Car insurance (buyer only) – get free quotes from servicemarket.com
      • AED 400-500 to cover transfer cost (buyer only)
  1. Submit license plate: If the seller wants to keep the plate number, then remove the license plates and hand them over to the RTA agent during the transfer. The plate number will be held in the seller’s name for future car registrations. Buyers will be given a new license plate at the RTA
  2. Salik tag: Sellers can’t reuse an old Salik tag but should still remove it because they will be charged if the buyer keeps using their tag. Don’t worry, when you sell car in Dubai, UAE you won’t lose any remaining balance in your Salik account. Buyers can get a new Salik tag while at the RTA location.

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