Porsche Celebrates Birthday Bash by Confirming Production of 911 Speedster!

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The excitingly gorgeous Porsche Speedster 911’s concept was shared in June and now has finally been given the green signal for production which will begin next year. The sporty, two-seater was developed as part of the company’s 70th Birthday celebration. According to the company, only 1,948 models will be developed. The number is chosen because Porsche was founded in 1948. We don’t know if there will be a Porsche Speedster 911 car for sale soon or not. Good luck trying to get one, though!

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It’s painted in red, like the original Speedster 911 of 1988. The wheels are cross-spoke, 21-inch alloy runners inspired by race car designs like the 911 RSR. The indoor mirrors are retro-styled and finished in dark chrome just like the fuel filler cap that adds depth and contrast to the overall look. The company does promise more colour options, though.

The Speedster will come with short window frames and low cowl top panels. The rear bonnet is made of carbon fibre with double-bubble cover behind the seats. The cars are topped with a light tonneau cover and instead of a convertible top, it is fitted with tenax buttons.

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Not having a top has one perk – you and yours can enjoy the resounding song of the Speedster’s naturally aspirated flat-six engine with 500 horsepower, a unit inspired by the tracked honed GT-3. The six-speed manual also shifts through a six-speed automatic transmission.

Its pricing hasn’t been declared yet, but don’t expect it to come cheap. In the meanwhile, if you are a motorhead, you will love these Porsche racing cars or the Cayenne E-Hybrid from the Porsche hybrid line-up!

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