New Law in Place for Electric Vehicle Registration in Dubai!

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New law in place for Electric vehicle registration in Dubai!
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Looking for electric used cars Dubai? We’ve got important news for you. Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced that the registration of electric vehicles will now need validation from a UAE-based accredited agent.

RTA has notified all auto agents, service providers and technical testing staff to not register any electric vehicles in the Traffic system of Dubai until they have been substantiated by a licensed UAE-based agent. This initiative has been in effect since the beginning of October.

The reason behind this arises from RTA’s efforts to make the Dubai roads safer for the public as electric vehicles consist of highly sensitive chemical and electric parts. If these are not examined properly, they can be a potential risk to the roads, motorists and passerbys. Previously RTA has made such efforts by creating a rapid response team to cater to all accidents as soon as possible on Sheikh Zayed Road as well as surrounding areas.

RTA has teamed up with verified auto agents in the UAE to provide training sessions to vehicle inspectors in order to make them aware of the standards of testing required for electric cars. The aim of these trainings is to alert all those involved as to what their responsibility is.

Well, RTA is taking some serious actions to make roads safer for the owners of used cars Dubai. Similarly, CarSwitch makes continuous efforts to provide a hassle-free buying and selling experience to buyers and sellers in Dubai, UAE!