Getting to the root of all the foul smells in a closed space, such as a car can get really tricky. And there can be many nooks and crannies from where odour can emanate. It can be a real hassle if you’re planning on selling car but can’t find the source of the odour. Buyers will be hard pressed to give your car a chance. Not all odours are easily identifiable, but the list of these odours originating from sources such as spills and mechanical problems in your Dubai used car might help you figure this out!

Odours within the cabin

If you have little children, keeping your car as good as new can be a bit of a problem. A piece of food that has been rotting for a while or a drink spilled can cause a foul-smelling car. This however, only scratches the mess that children can cause.

If the odour is detected by eye or by nose, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. But if you can’t find the source of the odour, here’s where the stench may lie in your Dubai used car:

  1. Floor and floor mats

If you find anything on the floor under the seats, check if that is the source of the odour. Also, check to see if the floor mats or the segment under the floor is wet. Use a paper towel to check if all these parts are wet. The source of the smell in your Dubai used car could be a spill or could also be a water intrusion from the outside. Both need to addressed immediately.

  1. Seats

Car seats can harbour many sources of odours. Aside from traceable spills, bad smells can originate from places that are not visible. Check the space under the cushions or the splits between the seats. Removing odors from car seats can take repeated efforts to remove. One method you can use is mixing white vinegar with two parts water and spraying the solution onto the seats. Vinegar is a natural deodorizer. This mixture is safe to use on both cloth and leather seats. Additionally, using a vacuum cleaner can also help eliminate the stink.

  1. Storage

Every now and then, a foul smell can emanate from the storage spaces in the dashboard, consoles and door compartments. So regularly empty those out and clean them. If a lot of clutter has accumulated, organize the spaces. Sometimes, the largest storage space, such as the boot can also be a source of smell. Keep a “nose out” for the smelly corners of your car boot. Charcoal is a good smell-absorber. Grab a piece of charcoal and leave it in your Dubai used car for a few days to absorb the smell.

Mechanical Problems

If there is a fuel smell, there might be a car leak you should look to immediately. Aside from the odour and the fact that you are spilling expensive fuel around, this can also be dangerous!

Sulfur smells, similar to that of rotten eggs can indicate a problem with the catalytic converter of the car.

A sweet, sugar like smell indicates that you might have a sick cooling system with a possible leak!

A stale, potent smell emerging form the vents could mean that your air conditioning system needs cleaning. Getting a service to clean it or doing it yourself if possible is very important as stench from the air conditioning means that it is stuffed with disease-causing bacteria that could be harmful for your health.

If there is a an odour that you just can’t seem to get rid of, then take your car to a cleaning professional. Regular check-ups for car maintenance and cleaning ensures that your car stays in good shape if you are thinking of selling car!

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