How to Remove Pet Hair from Your Used Car in Sharjah

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Having a pet is a wonderful experience. However, keeping your pet in the car for long periods of time may not be the best thing for your used car in Sharjah. Even if you teach your pets not to chew off , scratch or nibble on the car seats, they may leave pet fur everywhere. This guide by the experts at can help pet owners keep their car clean!

1. Damp hands

Whether your dog is a hairy husky, or a waxed poodle, you are likely to find fur in your car. The easiest and no-nonsense way is to use water to get rid of the fur. Dampen your hands with water. Make sure they are not dripping with water. Rub the “fur laden” surfaces with moist hands. Repeat as necessary. Fur sticks better to wet hands and will clean the area of fur.

2. Use tape

This one is definitely less “hands-on” and maybe just as effective, provided you are thorough. Tap the sticky part of your tape on the interior surfaces and the fur will stick to the tape.

3. Brush

There are many brushes that are sold specifically to help you with cleaning pet fur. You can also consider keeping the brushes in your used car in Sharjah. Also, remember to keep the brush clean!

4. Vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner will not only rid the car of pet hair but also help you remove dust particles. We recommend that you should combine some above-listed methods for best results. 

While it is impossible to completely prevent pet hair from invading your car, there are a few things you can do to lessen the amount of hair left behind.

  • Brush your pet’s fur before heading out with them in your car.
  • Get a pet seat for your car. Doing so will also keep the seats soil and dirt free.

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