The Future Is Exciting & Efficient and These 5 Mega EVs Are Proof of That

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Car manufacturers around the world are taking innovative steps to research and engineer better vehicles. From what we can see, the future is definitely looking more eco-friendly and exciting, and if you want proof of that, all you have to do is look at these mega EVs. If you want to switch to an electric vehicle, you can easily sell your car in Abu Dhabi through

Pininfarina Battista [2021]

Thanks to a venture made possible with Croatian electric car manufacturer maker Rimac, Pininfarina Battista will soon be available in the market. It is a beast in disguise, rocking 1,900HP under the hood. So what does that translate into when it comes to real-world use? The Pininfarina Battista can reach 60MPH (96KM/hr) in approximately 1.9 seconds only. The top speed of the vehicle is an impressive 350MPH and there are only 150 units that will be produced, 50 of which will reportedly head to the U.S. The asking price? Around $2 million.

Drako GTE [2020]

Drako Motors, a car manufacturer, is situated in Texas, and has made the GTE, an all-wheel-drive that can deliver 1,200HP, thanks to magnet hybrid motors. With each motor being able to deliver 225KW, the GTE can obtain a top speed of 206MPH (331KPH). The GTE also uses the company’s Drako DriveOS. It’s a custom software that employs the use of computer monitoring to control the hybrid motors and provide optimum performance based on the driver’s preference. However, its price tag of $1 million might discourage a lot of potential customers.

Koenigsegg Jesko

Stamped with an insane $2.8 million base price tag, the Koenigsegg Jesko sports a twin-turbo V8 engine capable of 1280HP. The manufacturer incorporated a new carbon-fiber and aluminum chassis that gives the Jesko more durability and additional aerodynamics to help the mega EV maintain top-speed without sacrificing handling and other performance-related tasks.

Lagonda All-Terrain [2023]

Aston Martin’s Lagonda All-Terrain was earlier a concept that was showcased in 2019. Though it exudes luxury, the surprising thing about the mega EV is that it’s the cheapest in our list so far, with a price of $175,000. It’s definitely luxurious on the inside, but Aston Martin wasn’t keen on sharing battery or motor details. According to the automaker, the Lagonda All-Terrain will go into production in 2022.

Qiantu K50 [2021]

Believe it or not, Qiantu K50 is a Chinese mega EV. In the U.S., it will be reassembled by Mullen, and for its $80,000 base price, it’s quite a wonder of a car. The automaker claims that the Qiantu K50 can run up to 200 miles (321 kilometers) on a single charge, as well as reach 0-60MPH in 4.2 seconds. If the model successfully complies with U.S. regulations, we should see the Qiantu K50 arrive in various markets by 2020.

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