Counterfeit Toyota Spare Parts Seized in the Uae!

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Counterfeit Toyota spare parts seized in the UAE! used cars in Sharjah
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Owners of used cars in Sharjah and Dubai, be careful when you shop for spare parts. A large number of fake parts have been seized and destroyed by the UAE authorities in raids conducted in 2019 across Dubai and Sharjah as reported on Tuesday. gives you the full details. 

Al-Futtaim Motors, the official distributor of Toyota in the UAE, teamed up with the UAE authorities to carry out these raids. In the second last quarter of this year, five raids were carried out on fake car parts dealers. AED 26 million worth of counterfeit Toyota spare parts were confiscated and destroyed. 

Fake car parts can have a damaging effect on the life of vehicles and can decrease their resale value as well. Moreover, it can be a threat to the safety of drivers of cars fitted with counterfeit parts. These cars can also be a threat to the safety of other road users. So, it is important that you buy quality-assured auto parts for your car.

Most of the seized items were serviceable goods which include:

  • Oil filters – items worth AED 760,000 seized
  • Brake pads – items with a worth of over AED 1.5 million seized

Fake oil filters decay much faster due to the low-quality materials used. They can lead to engine seizures and failures resulting in costly repairs. Similarly, counterfeit brake pads can put your life in danger as well as the lives of other road users. 

Al-Futtaim Toyota is also giving training to almost 100 government officials to identify fake auto parts in addition to conducting raids and helping to keep unsafe vehicles off the roads.

The Manager of Al-Futtaim Toyota, Saud Abbasi said “Our role in ensuring customers’ safety is paramount and it is our firm commitment to protect consumers from the threat of dangerous counterfeit parts.” 

Consult your mechanic before buying parts for your used cars in Sharjah as fake car parts can also lower your car’s resale value and threaten your well-being. You can buy pre-inspected and certified used cars through!

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