Infiniti’s Plan to Launch 3 EVs in Next 3 Years!

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Infiniti’s plan for the next three years focus on electric vehicles!
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Infiniti recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. It announced that it plans to roll out five new cars in the coming three years. If you’ve been thinking of selling your car in Dubai to go electric, the great news for you is that out of the five, three of them will come with electric powertrains. delves into the details.

The first of these new models is the upcoming Infiniti Q55 coupe SUV. The Q55 will be powered by a gas engine which is likely to be similar to that of QX50. Taking style cues from Infiniti FX45, it will have athletic looks. As per speculation, it will offer ample headroom and a class-leading interior. 

The electric vehicles in the plan include an SUV based on the QX Inspiration concept and two sedans based on the Q Inspiration and the Qs Inspiration concepts. The sedan based on the Q Inspiration concept will be the flagship offering of the brand. 

The one that is based on the Qs Inspiration will offer Nissan’s ePower gas-generated hybrid powerhouse. It will offer a VC-Turbo variable-compression turbocharged 2.0L 4-cylinder powertrain that acts as a generator for the battery which will in turn power the electric motors. This allows the car to offer more range along with being efficient.

The QX inspiration concept SUV will be a pure EV and the first of its kind by this brand. This futuristic SUV will sport an electric motor on each axle with batteries located below the floor. It will consist of two electric motors and an all-wheel drive system called e-AWD. This is surely going to be another mega EV from the future.

These EVs will be here in the next three years, so if you were thinking of selling car in Dubai for an electric car, you might not have to wait long. The Q55 is expected to reach the market by next year and the electric vehicles will soon follow. If you’re looking to sell, provides a hassle free car selling experience!

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