Mclaren Speedtail Performance Details Revealed!

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It has been more than a year since McLaren shook the world by unveiling its Speedtail with a top speed of 403 kph. This beast is the company’s fastest and expensive model up till now, the details about this incredible car and its performance have finally been made available., an online marketplace for used cars for sale in Sharjah, did some research to share the details with you.

Showcasing the M840TQ powertrain, its 4.0-litre V8 and electric drive unit produces about 1,055 horsepower and 1,150Nm of torque. This vehicle has the capacity to accelerate from 0-300kph in just 13 seconds. New features including a lightweight air intake system have been incorporated in this car. It also comes with an improved cylinder head cooling for sunny summers and a revamped piston design making up 757 horses and approximately 800Nm  petrol-fueled output to the vehicle.

The McLaren staff has informed the world that the single electric motor produces 308 horsepower by itself, which is a remarkable number. The technology incorporated on the display is combined from Formula E. McLaren staff has also been noted to have said that this vehicle is “highest performing installation — including cooling and integration — of any electric motor currently in use in a production road car.” The vehicle’s cylindrical battery of about 1.647 kWh is installed in a unique way that occupies the least space; the battery’s compact shape makes this much easier.

Speedtail displays the most impressive power-to-weight ratio of any battery pack produced in this day and age; it has about five times the power density than the battery installed in McLaren P1, this stark difference is notable in the car’s performance. 

Speedtail’s system that cools down the battery is ‘thermally controlled by a “dielectric cooling system”. This means that it is entirely dipped down in electrically insulative oil; this oil helps to transfer the heat far away from the cells and efficiently cools down the battery. According to the staff at McLaren, this system of battery cooling is being incorporated in a car for the first time; it is way ahead of its time. This will not only make the battery last considerably longer, but it will also prevent unnecessary wear and tear. Since this car is special and exclusive, only 106 units will be hand-produced at the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, England. 

The prices will begin at $2.3-million and will vary according to the features incorporated in each unit. Mclaren Speedtail is being referred to as a hypercar by virtue of its incredible speed and grandeur. 

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