Six Best Electric Cars of 2020

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Choosing the right electric car is an essential part of your decision to switch to a cleaner, sustainable and enjoyable driving experience. There is a broad range of electric cars available that can fit your tastes, budget, and driving style., an online marketplace for cars for sale in Abu Dhabi, has put together a brief overview of the six best electric cars of 2020.

Porsche Taycan

There are two variants of the Taycan, Turbo and a Turbo S, which were released earlier in January 2020. This is the first electric drivetrain for this German automobile packed with an 800 voltage system and a two-speed transmission. The Taycan has a fast-charging rate of 5 to 80 per cent in under 25 minutes. With a wall box, it can charge fully in just nine hours. The Turbo has a 270-mile range and the Turbo S has a 250-mile range. 

Tesla Model 3

In 2017, Tesla Model 3 debuted in limited production, with its very first batch released in July. It offers a dual-motor AWD, twenty-inch wheels as well as low suspension. In just 3.2 seconds, Model 3 can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph. Apart from the boast-worthy acceleration, the interior is minimalist and future-forward. Several battery configurations are also available and all the variants are claimed to go more than 200 miles on a charge.

Tesla Model Y 

The Tesla Model Y is not an SUV but a compact electric CUV (Crossover Utility Vehicle). It is one of two vehicles which was based on the Tesla Model 3. It is the perfect family automobile, complete with room for five to seven adults as well as ample storage for outings. From inside, Model 3 comes with a built-in 15″ centre touchscreen with supercharging. This American automobile offers a dual-motor AWD packed with 19-inch performance wheels. It has a range of 315 miles, reaching a top speed of 145 mph as well as the ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds.


The MG ZS EV is a family-friendly SUV with a sleek and stylish design. It is available in three colours: Ferris white, Copenhagen blue and Currant red. The vehicle also comes with three driving as well as steering modes. The electric motor is powered by a 143 bhp. It can cover 0 to 62 mph in under 9 seconds and reach top speeds of 87 mph. It comes packed with a maximum torque of 260 lb-ft. It can fully charge in 6.5 hours and up to to 80% in 40 minutes.

The average cost is approximately 99,200 AED, which is an attractive price when compared to the rest of its competition. Fortunately, the MG ZA EV does not compromise on quality for its lower price; it is the most technologically advanced MG vehicle to date.

Honda E

Next on the list is a small and cosy model from Honda. It is equipped with a vintage look that brings instant feelings of nostalgia at first glance. The interior of the car is nothing short of brilliant and the quality of the drive speaks for itself. The Honda E can accelerate 0 to 100 km/h in 9.5 seconds and reach top speeds of 145 km/h. It has a total power of 100 kW with a total torque of 315 Nm.

The Honda E is based on the Urban EV Concept which was revealed in Frankfurt 2017. Coming in at a price of 117,500 AED, this is a vehicle for the everyday man for commuting regularly between work and home. 

Polestar 2

With a whopping 408 horsepower and 275 miles of range per charge in its impressive arsenal, the Polestar 2 is set at a high price of 165,300 AED. However, it will release more economical variations later on. With two electric motors on the rear and front axle, the Polestar 2 has a range of 275 miles. It can cover 0 to 62 mph in just 4.7 seconds. It has 408 hp and 487 ft-lb of torque.

The most unique feature of this model is that it is the very first to utilise Google’s new embedded Android Automotive operating system. It will be powered by Android 10 and has capabilities similar to that of a smartphone interface. This is revolutionary, to say the least, as it is setting the bar high for the rest of the competition. This is definitely a must-buy for people looking into purchasing an electric car.

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