Mclaren Speed Tail: A 250-mph Hyper GT

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There is no doubt that Mclaren is revered as one of the best supercars in the world. And even though the British car company manufactured many supercars and hypercars over the years, there were none that managed to rival the legendary F1. Well, the British brand is now attempting another model to take on its best selling car. Welcome aboard the Mclaren Speedtail.

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Empowered with modern aerodynamics and spurred by a modern hybrid powertrain, the speedtail is being given the title of the being the successor to the F-1. The teardrop shaped body of the speedtail is mostly to amp up the aerodynamics, but it’s not just the shape that enables it to course through air. There are a few details that make it very aerodynamic.

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There are immobile air vents on the front wheels that coerce the air to different ventilation areas of the car. The design dropped the mirrors and installed retractable mirrors instead. They also capture visuals from the back to the cabin. A velocity mode draws in the cameras and enabling the car to “hunker” or hunch down for better aerodynamics.

The British manufacturer is selling car with huge ailerons that propel the car to achieve its maximum speed as well as bringing it to a stop and to enable smoother high speed turning.

Mclaren has kept quiet about the engine but the power says it all. A whopping 1035 horsepower is used to catapult the tear-drop jet from 0- 299 kph in 12.8 seconds and further to a touted top speed of 400 kph!

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The interior is a vision to behold as well. The driver seat is positioned in the centre whereas the two back seats are placed a bit off center to the back. The layout of the cabin is quite futuristic and lavish. The panel is lined with touchscreen and there is electrochromic glass that controls the intensity of light that enters the cabin.

If you were thinking of selling car to buy this, then you maybe out of luck unless you are one of the 106 who have already acquired one. Or you could have your supercar fix with this Mclaren Senna which is currently under works! They might be selling car soon!

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