Aston Martin’s First Luxury SUV: DBX SUV

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Aston Martin has started the testing of their first SUV. It is one of the most important models for the company as it is the first ever SUV in their line-up. Aston martin will have an SUV car for sale as part of their 2020 planner. It will be launched officially next year!

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A few obscure shots of the off-roader confirms that even though the most of the details are hidden under the heavy camouflage, we do have an idea about the overall shape of the 5-seater. With the DBX still being an early prototype, it still needs some final bits inserted before the final car for sale happens.

That is why the tailgate looks a bit simplistic and the pictures of the SUV lack rear door handles. So, it is expected that some things will change from the model’s debut a few months later. During the interval period, the Aston Martin is going to be tested across many harsh environments such as the scorching terrains of the UAE and the icy ridges of the Arctic zone.

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Aston hasn’t revealed too much details but there are a few things that are we have gleaned. For the car’s powertrain, Aston has steered away from electrification. The engine under the hood is also most likely going to be a 4 litre engine. The SUV will also debut with Aston martin’s twin-turbocharged V8 that has already been seen in the DB11-V8 and Vantage.

There’s just something about Aston Martin cars that just look and feel special. Whether it is the classic Aston Martin Convertible or the exotic hypercar Aston Martin Valkyrie, these cars are just fun and comfortable to drive over and over!

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