Responsible Car Recycling: Why is it important?

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Did you know that if your car is all used up and you are struggling to sell car in Abu Dhabi,  you can recycle it? Although car recycling is nothing new, not everyone seems to fully appreciate its relevance to saving our environment. Instead of simply abandoning your car, you could give it to auto recyclers as they know how to strip apart a car properly and remove all the usable parts. Here is why you should consider recycling your car, no matter how old it is.

To Reduce Environmental Pollution

You should send your vehicle to an authorized treatment facility as they have professionals who are equipped to deal with decommissioned cars. They recycle the parts that can be recovered and safely dispose of the pollutants and non-biodegradable material. This is very important as when cars are left in scrap yards or landfills, heavy metals and toxins can leach into the ground. This is hazardous for the environment in the long run.

Illegal scrappers cherry-pick cars for valuable parts and once they get what they want, they abandon the car to rot. Others crush the car without de-polluting them and this can cause dangerous fluids to seep into the surface of the earth.

To Make Use Of The Technological Advancements

Auto recycling is an industry in itself and contributes greatly to the economy. Thanks to technological advancements, almost all parts of a vehicle can be recovered. Some of the most recyclable parts of a car include windshield glass, batteries, tires, wheels, steel, iron, transmissions, rubber hoses, radiators, car seats, carpets, oil filters, belts, and mats. Some of the recycled parts are often reused. For instance, recycled tires are often used to make new roadways.

Recovered Auto Parts Can Be Sold

Some car parts can be reused to repair other cars and some can be sold for refurbishing to auto part remanufacturers. There is a huge market for such parts because of their low price. Recycled automotive parts also provide more choices to consumers who want to get their vehicle repaired for a lower price as brand new parts are often very expensive.

In such cases, they won’t have to sell car in Abu Dhabi for a new one since auto parts would be easily accessible.

Frees Up Natural Resources

Depending on their condition, components and parts are dismantled, reconditioned, and sold. This reduces the need for manufacturing new parts. Some parts that are re-used commonly include transmissions, engines, body panels, whole front, and backends. This frees up natural resources as recycling reduces the need to manufacturer parts from scratch.

The next time when you are thinking of disposing of your car, make sure you do so in an environmentally safe manner. Instead of leaving your old or totaled car in a landfill, give it to a recycling facility. You will not just be benefiting other consumers and environment this way, you might also get some money for your scrap vehicle. It is surely a win-win situation.

From car recycling, to opening up of eco-friendly facilities to creating more fuel-efficient cars and hydrogen fuel cell powered cars, there is definitely a shift in the auto industry as towards creating “environment friendly solutions”.

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