Stay Awake: 6 Tips to Combat Drowsy Driving

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A good many adults report driving while feeling sleepy at least once a month in their used car, Abu Dhabi. Drowsiness is a major safety hazard and results in many traffic accidents and death every year. However, since it might not always be possible to avoid driving when you are feeling sleepy, here are some tips to avoid dozing off when you are driving:  

  1.    Take A Pre-Drive Nap

It is essential that you are body and mind are in optimal shape before you take the wheels. This includes ensuring that you have 7-8 hours of sleep the night before. However, if you are feeling tired before a trip, it is recommended that you take a 20 minutes power nap to recharge yourself. Similarly, if you start feeling drowsy in the middle of a long journey in your used car, Abu Dhabi, you can simply pull over and get some sleep before getting back on the road.

  1.    Be Aware Of The Symptoms Of Sleepiness

It is a good idea to be aware of the symptoms of drowsiness such as feeling restless, long slow blinking, having a heavy head and having disconnected thoughts. Knowing these signs would help reduce any lapses in attention and prevent road collisions.

  1.    Caffeine

To stay alert, you can try drinking tea or coffee before a drive. However, caffeine is not a permanent solution and its effects will wear off certain hours. You can also take coffee breaks in the middle of your journey whenever you feel drowsy or tired.

  1.    Drive At Safe Hours

Studies have shown that many accidents happen between 6 pm and 6 am. This is because of a combination of visibility challenges caused by tiredness after driving for long distances and dark conditions. That’s why it is recommended that you avoid driving at night, especially from 1 am to 5 am, particularly when you are feeling sleepy.

  1.    Have A Nice Meal

Your body needs energy to function properly and this energy comes from the nutrients provided by food. Try having a meal consisting of energizing foods before a long drive to help you stay vigilant when you are on the road. You can try going for lean protein and whole grains instead of fast food for nourishment and sustained energy. Another idea is to take a vitamin pill after a meal to help you stay awake.

  1.    Mist Spray

Another way to stay awake when you are feeling drowsy is to use a mist spray. This will perk you up and will mitigate the effects of fatigue. If a mist spray is not available, you can splash your face with water to wake yourself up.

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