How Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars Work!

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A hydrogen fuel cell vehicle doesn’t burn any fossil fuels, doesn’t cause pollution, runs on the same chemical reaction that powers a rocket and has twice the mileage of a Tesla. Many auto companies are now selling car with fuel cell technologies. has some of the answers to your fuel-cell queries!

What is a fuel cell vehicle?

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A fuel cell vehicle uses hydrogen gas to power an electric motor. Conventional vehicles run on gas or diesel but fuel cell vehicles combine oxygen and hydrogen to produce electricity that runs a motor. When we think of electric cars, we think of hybrid cars, plug-in cars, battery powered vehicles or anything that uses an electric motor. But a fuel cell is different than an electric vehicle.

How are fuel-cell vehicles different from electric vehicles?

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A fuel cell is different than a standard hybrid or an electric vehicle. The enormous lithium-ion battery in the electric vehicles stores electrical energy as a voltage across an anode and a cathode. A fuel cell, on the other hand, produces electricity through electrochemical reactions involving hydrogen and oxygen. During the reaction, Hydrogen and water vapors react together to produce water as a harmless byproduct. If the reaction is huge enough, it can move a vehicle!

How environmentally friendly is fuel cell as compared to other cars?

The fuel cell reaction also produces some carbon dioxide, so the fuel cell powered vehicles aren’t 100% clean. But it compares a bit better to the battery powered vehicles and hybrids. 

How many fuel cell cars are out there?

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2019 Hyundai Nexo

Not a lot. Many automakers had a go at fuel cells, but few stuck with them for so long. The technological obstacles are too high and fuel cell vehicles also come with a hefty price tag. There were American tractors that used the fuel cell technology but Mercedez-Benz with its 1993 Necar Van entered the fuel-territory first and then reformed its technology with A-class models and into the B-class fuel cell prototypes, known as F-cell.

Ford and General motors then took over, selling car with fuel cell technologies. Middle-East’s first hydrogen fuel power station opened in Dubai to roll out Dubai’s Toyota Mirai, Fuel Taxi Service.

In the next coming years, Honda, Mercedes Benz and Toyota may be on the road selling car which are fuel-cell powered; and hence more fuel efficient and eco-friendly!

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