Everyone loves supercars. Many of us want to put up our car for sale and switch to a gorgeous looking supercar, but not everyone can afford it. That shouldn’t stop you from modifying the looks of your everyday car to look like your favorite supercar. Here are a few steps to transform the looks of your car.

  1. Decision making

Before revamping the looks of your used car Dubai, you need to decide which supercar you want your car to look like. Consider the limitations that your car has in regards to the length and dimensions. Getting to know the basic know-how of software design will help you in deciding which parts  you would need exactly.

  1. Body parts required

You will need to build the exterior with extra parts that you either make yourself or purchase. The best option is to get a body kit for the kind of car you want for example if you’re a fan of the Italian styled Ferrari, get a Ferrari body kit and customize accordingly. Whichever option you choose, keep the aerodynamics of your car in mind. The car body should be strong and sustainable.

  1. Choosing materials

In case you’re building the materials, bear in mind that you are adding a layer to your car hence making it more heavy. Use a lightweight material such as carbon fiber or aluminum to put as less a burden on the car as possible.

  1. Speed check

Once you’ve completed the above, you need to take your used car to a test drive. Since you’ve put on additional materials, there are chances that it will disturb the original aerodynamics and speed of your car. Set a safe upper limit for speed and drive slow. Do not try to match the looks with performance because the engine is the same as previous and can only do as much as it could before. Just enjoy the cruise while making heads turn.

  1. No badges

Customizing your car to look cool isn’t wrong but putting badges on it is a big NO! If you do so, you might be liable for copyright infringement. Also, it sometimes just looks horribly wrong. So, the best idea is think of it as your own brand of ‘supercar’ and avoid putting badges on it. After all, you don’t want your car to be listed among the most hysterical car repairs.

For car lovers, customizing their car to look like a supercar might be a rush of adrenaline in itself. Though, always keep in mind that it might decrease the price of your car for sale. Even then, if you have a customized it, keep it in good condition so that if other custom car lovers like it.

Nonetheless, if you can afford a supercar, just hop on to CarSwitch.com and find new and used cars of whichever brand you love!