Hyundai’s Reveals it’s Cockpit of the Future

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Hyundai’s new release, the i30 is an experience of its own! It is complete with updated driving gadgets, a dual-screen steering wheel and a full-fledged infotainment system. The i30 represents the future of technology-driven vehicles., a used car for sale market, presents a detailed report on its specifications, so if you are interested, read ahead!

Cluster-free Cockpit

The Hyundai i30 has completely revolutionized the driver’s cockpit. It is comprised of two interactive screens placed on top of one another. It combines to give the driver a digitized cockpit that carries a range of updated gadgets.

The dual screens work to everybody’s advantage: it makes for a smoother and safer drive. The driver can be alerted of any necessary notifications by the outer display, making it more prominent. If the test car is so impressive, we wonder what the final release will bring!

Dual Screens: One on the steering wheel too!

Hyundai is not just limiting the virtual aspect of its vehicle to the cockpit, it is also covering the steering wheel too. Through the use of kinaesthetic communication, the driver can control a number of functions. For example, from two small screens embedded into the car’s steering wheel, one on either side.

The benefit of these screens is that they carry a number of controls within the same area. Due to their digital nature, they have the ability to change functions depending on which stage of the journey it is at. For instance, if the driver was to play music, the screens would display volume and track settings. Thus, they add an element of heightened adaptability to the car.

Central Display on the Cockpit

The mid-section of the cockpit has not been left behind. The centre-most display screen has also undergone an upgrade, including features such as kinaesthetic touch. This notifies the driver through the touch of any choices they have made. 

Hyundai has covered all the intricacies: the motion sensor comes equipped with a rest that stabilizes your touch to make for top precision. Oh, and also, the display screen has a built-in pop-up button that allows the user to adjust volume settings.

Just a Distraction or Useful?

Although these additions to the Hyundai i30 will hold public amazement, the question of safety does come in. Are all these gadgets a road hazard? Well, according to a research program that Hyundai carried out, the Hyundai i30 tests well within the set safety range limits. 

It is truly incredulous that increased technology has not only proven to not be a distraction but also make way for a more safer and satisfying driving experience. offers you the opportunity to buy new and used cars for sale by simply logging onto Happy shopping!

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