How to Avoid Car Sickness in Abu Dhabi

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Car sickness is a common problem faced by many people. The thought of being in your used car in Abu Dhabi for long periods of time can turn your stomach if you are prone to car sickness. Since there isn’t much you can do once you start feeling car sickness, prevention is much better than cure. Follow these suggestions before you even begin your journey.

1. Pick the correct seat

One way to avoid car sickness before it comes on is to choose the right seat to minimize perceived motion. On the other hand, sitting at the back and staring at a stationary seat can trigger nausea as the motion, sound and balance signals are off. If you are going on a road trip uphill, try rotating everyone’s seat now and then so that all the passengers get some time on the front seat.

2.  Focus on a fixed point upfront

Another great way to counter the effects of motion sickness is to focus on an object that doesn’t really seem to be moving, e.g., the road ahead as it unfolds into the horizon. 

3. Fresh air helps

Just like with any other sickness, breathing fresh air can do wonders to make you feel better. Keep the windows well-ventilated to circulate the breeze or have the air-conditioning on to keep air-cooled and fresh.

4. Take deep breaths while keeping eyes closed

At times when you feel like the nausea is getting too much, pretending that you are not travelling can also help. Close your eyes to shut off any visual signals of travelling and to keep your mind distracted from the moving car.

5. Get medical help

Sometimes, nothing really works as nausea takes a vice-like grip over your body. In such cases, it is better to talk to your doctor or pharmacist and get appropriate medicine before going en-route. 

As the old adage goes, prevention is much better than cure. Once your stomach starts to turn upside down, there is not much you can do to quell your queasy stomach. So, make sure that you plan ahead and make the whole journey a lot better for you.

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