How to Clean your Car’s Engine and Cabin

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First, head over to the vacuum

If you, like most drivers, have not cleaned your vehicle recently, you should first start with the vacuum. It is also advised to clean heavy dirt or debris from the interior. We are prioritizing to remove germs and in this pandemic, it is essential to wear gloves in the earliest cleaning. This will protect you from the possible presence of any virus. 

The inside of any car is a blend of hard surfaces and different fabrics. Even though hand sanitizers and bleach wipes are ideal for killing viruses, these materials can also negatively impact the various surfaces of the car’s interior. 

However, there are some automotive care resources that are specially made to be used in the interior. If you have any of these, it’s best to use them in the initial cleaning. This will remove any dirt, dust, and heavy debris accumulated inside. But remember that doing this will not sanitize surfaces. Car care products only make it easy for you to properly clean the vehicle later. 

Sanitize everything

If these were the good old days, it would make sense to end the cleaning ritual here. But with COVID-19, times are different. This is not the end of the exercise. You need to sanitize all the touchpoints. Even if the interior looks much better than when you first started, it is still not enough. 

This is because viruses are sneaky and they can hide literally anywhere. Therefore, all drivers should adopt a habit of sanitizing the touchpoints. If you want to attack the COVID-19 virus in the best way, you should use water and soap. 

As the majority of all dish soaps utilize mild detergents, this tool will not cause any bad effects on the vehicle’s interior. In short, dish soap isn’t a stressful cleaning agent. 

The COVID-19 virus remains the same in all weather conditions. You can apply dish soap with a washcloth or rag. But a microfiber towel is more effective. Whatever material you use, soak it thoroughly and remember to not allow water to pool up anywhere.

Touchpoints are not restricted to the steering wheel and door handles. Think of all the things you do while driving. All drivers touch the cupholders, radio, seatbelts, glove box, and so much more. You can start with the sun visors, then go to the A-pillars, and dashboard. 

How to clean the engine


Choose a warm day for cleaning. Warm weather with minimal humidity will allow the engine and parts to dry easily. 


If the vehicle was running previously, throw the hood up and let the engine cool down. Give it 15 minutes. If you start cleaning a hot engine, not only the components will burn you, but the engine can be damaged too. 


Remove all plastic covers as they can be cleaned individually. Then, remove the negative terminal from the battery. This will shield the electric parts from harm in case they get wet. If you want to be extra careful, you can remove the battery as well. 


By utilizing plastic bags, cover all sensitive electric parts. For instance, engine control unit, battery, and ignition wires. If there is an open engine air intake, cover that too. 


Spray the whole engine compartment with a degreaser. You can use your household or an automotive engine degreaser. Do not miss any spot and degrease everywhere.


If your engine is too dirty, you have to scrub it. But if it is fairly dirty, skip this step. There are some components that accumulate dirt over the years and deserve cleaning. 

For example, the valve cover usually has a buildup of oil and dirt. Use a tiny brush having synthetic bristles. This tool will make the degreaser reach all spots and clean the gunk. You can use more degreaser if you want.


If you have a power washer, set it on light mode. However, you can use a standard hose or sprayer from the local DIY car wash too. Rinse the whole engine compartment to wash the degreaser. Remember to avoid directly spraying the electric components and don’t direct more water in places that do not dry quickly.


Use a towel or compressed air to dry all spots. Doing so will remove any remaining dirt too. 


Now, reinstall the negative terminal of the battery and remove the bags that were used to cover everything.

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