Launch of 2023 Mercedes Benz AMG EQS 53

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The EV version of the Mercedes E-Class boasts many features which make the flagship EQS tempting. If you want to buy used Mercedes cars in KSA, visit CarSwitch. 


The 2023 Mercedes Benz EQE is the electric version of the E-Class. It’s also a part of so many incoming EQ models from the company. The first one is the EQE350 that comes with an electric motor, All-Wheel Drive, and 288 hp. There’s a 400 hp version having a front axle motor, yet to come. The official sale date of EQE models will arrive in mid-2022. 

New changes 

Daimler is introducing another version of the standard powered E-Class in the name of this EQE. The 4-door fastback has a similar value as what EQS has for the S-Class. Moreover, its exterior is even more unique. The tail is not as long as on the EQS, the shoulders are bolder, and the front end is distinct. But it is based on the identical EVA2 platform. This means that it includes many features which make EQ unique from non-EV and electric rivals.

As opposed to EQS, the little EQE does not include a rear hatch. Instead, a standard trunk opening is seen. The dimensions are more interesting than BMW I4 or the new Tesla models. The interior is very modern, with light colors and the optional, big hyper screen which expands on the whole length of the cockpit. 

However, the hyper screen is also influenced by a dystopian future. Passengers can watch movies in Europe but the driver has camera-based monitoring. In case the driver looks at the passenger screen, the content gets blocked. Even though a variety of assistance functions are offered which do not serve the purpose of autopilot, it still goes beyond the power of Tesla features. 

Although the EQE will be available with parking technology, it still cares about the driver. If you want to locate the vehicle yourself in tight corners, you will like the optional rear-wheel steering system which offers more than 10 levels of steering angle. The highly innovative chassis displays a 4-link front and multi-link rear suspension along with an optional air suspension. 

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It is manufactured in China and Germany. The EQE line was introduced with the EQE350. It offers 288 hp which is derived from the electric motor located at the rear axle. The all-wheel-drive pairs with an extra electric motor on the front axle and its power rating will go above 400 hp. You should look for an AMG version too. 

In order to cope with this power, AMG has accordingly made the brakes refined. Standard 16.3 inches of discs or the optional 17.3 inches discs are added in the front. The latest i-Booster feature will join the vehicle’s hydraulic braking with recuperative braking in order to avoid the energy from being wasted. According to the chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes AMG, Philipp Schiemer: “The AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+ is the first all-electric ambassador in the performance segment, made in Affalterbach.”

The battery pack of EQE comes with a usable capacity of 90.8 kWh. This is smaller than the EQS’s 107.8 kWh battery pack. The automaker claims that a driving range of 410 miles is recorded by the optimistic European WLTP test cycle. Therefore, you can expect the EPA range to be a bit lower than this. The front and back axle motors of EQS 53 have new actuation and new windings through inverters having better currents and unique software. 

AMG has also made the cooling system stronger by adding a water lance in the shaft of the rotor. Moreover, a pin-fin in the shape of a needle is added to the inverter which is made of high-performing ceramics along with special ribs on the stator. The battery itself has gained a few details by AMG such as a redesigned battery management system and new wiring adaptive to high capacity. 

When it comes to the competition side, the rivals are BMW i4, Tesla Model 3, and Polestar 2. Among these vehicles, the 2023 Mercedes Benz AMG EQS 53 exudes way more sophistication. But the power rating might not be enough for all customers. Moreover, we can not be certain if the vehicle can match the requirements of lots of existing Mercedes Benz customers who are very content with their gasoline cars. 

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