How to Prepare your Car for Winter

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Winter driving conditions can be hazardous. The money you spend today on correct fluids, new brakes, and wipers rubbers, and other little investments can save you hundreds of dollars eventually later. After all the investment in winter preparation.  

If appropriate winter car preparation helps you avoid a malfunction or even a crash, every single penny and effort you put in now will be well worth it. A lot of used cars in KSA are a victim of improper winter care and treatment which depreciates their value. We have gathered some tips and advice from the experts that can help you maintain your car in top quality, some of which are listed below.

Inspect your battery condition and replace it if needs be

A lot of car enthusiasts tilt towards believing that car batteries die in the winter due to the additional strain placed on them by cold temperatures. The reason is that motors are frequently forced to do additional work as a result of thickening motor oil due to the cold 

Many advise that you must test your car’s battery and inspect the terminals for corrosion. Consider getting it examined by an expert who can provide replacement recommendations if necessary.

Maintain proper tire pressure

Due to the cold temperatures, tire pressure might be a concern in the winter. Tires deflate whenever the temperature dips below 32 degrees.  You should examine your tire pressure once a week. This is because lower tire pressure reduces gas consumption and causes tires to wear out faster.

Proper tire pressure is especially crucial in severe weather since improper tire pressure decreases car control in all conditions.

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Make sure your heater is working properly

Make sure your heater is working properly. When you don’t have a heater in your car, short drives are bearable, but picture how bad it would have been if you get stuck in traffic or on long journeys without a heater. The cold will freeze you. A functional heater can not only help you avoid daily discomfort, but it can also serve as a terrific preventative tool.

Examine the wear on your tires

When preparing your vehicle ready for the winter, check for tread wear and change your tire’s direction at every oil change. Use a penny test to examine the tread of your tire. 

You may do this by inserting a coin into the tread groove of your tire. If the coin can no longer go deeper than a few inches then it’s time to change your tires. Tires play a very important safety role in your vehicle.

Refill the fluids in your car 

Winter precipitation could harm your braking fluids.  In the winter, brake fluid becomes unclean and contains little water molecules that are harmful to your vehicle. So, acquire some new brake fluid to prevent ruining your vehicle.   

Winter washer fluid is really important because other varieties can freeze up in cold weather. Otherwise, your windscreen may get damaged. It may smudge your screen or at times even put scratches on it.

Remember to keep your fuel tank full

Moisture will develop up in your fuel tank with a lot of empty space, diluting the fuel and putting unnecessary strain on your car’s pumps and other parts. The damage can be far worse if the moisture builds up and freezes. So keeping your fuel tank full almost all the time in winter is really crucial to not ruin your car.

The more gas in the tank, the less chance of water accumulating. A full tank can help protect a car that has been sitting idle for a long time from interior moisture damage.

Keep the interior safe

Weather and seasons can also have an effect on the interior of your car, which is something you should be aware of. If you will be spending a lot of time in and out of the car, you should invest in some rough all-season floor mats. 

They are simple to clean and do an excellent job of keeping all the dust and dirt contained. Keeping your windows clean will give a better vision and lessen the chances of foggy and wet windows. You should always clean your headlights too to take good safety measures.

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