The engine is an integral part of your used car Dubai and its maintenance should be a must-do task. The experts at CarSwitch guide you on the right way to clean your engine bay to avoid unnecessary distress.

Things you will need:

  • A wrench to disable battery cables
  • A vacuum
  • Paint brushes in different sizes
  • Metal wire brushes
  • Water hose
  • Microfiber towels

Once you’ve gathered all the things mentioned above, ensure that your engine is cool enough. Spraying cold water on a hot engine might be detrimental. It would be a good idea to clean it in the morning when the engine has cooled off. If that’s not possible, let the engine cool down before you start cleaning.


To prepare for cleaning, you should definitely use protective gear such as gloves and masks so that chemicals or dirt don’t enter your mouth.

Secondly, firmly seal all the liquid containers caps and press the dip sticks down to make sure that water does not enter the oil reservoir. Subsequently, either try to take the battery out or disconnect both battery terminals so that it can be thoroughly cleaned.

Also, use a plastic wrap, electric tape or foil to cover all electrical components of the engine such as spark plugs, coil pack, alternator and all other filters. Skipping this step might wreak havoc later so it’s better not to ignore it.

Getting started

Before pouring water on the engine, get rid of any debris or dirt stuck in the nooks or cracks of the engines by slightly brushing them and then blowing them with a vacuum, if a vacuum isn’t available then a leaf blower will do the trick. Make certain that you go over the whole engine in detail.

The next step is to clean the aluminum parts with a metal wire brush. Air intake, which is placed on top of the engine is usually made of aluminium, takes in a lot of dirt from the environment. Rub it with a metal wire carefully, making sure that it does not touch any sensors or other sensitive parts which might damage the engine.

Lightly spray a little warm water from the water hose to get rid of any loose grime or dust. After that’s done, spray a degreaser or all-purpose cleaner to give it a final touch of cleaning. The last part is rinsing the cleaning spray with warm water making sure that all the cleaner is rinsed away properly.

Though, in all the above steps be extra careful not to spray anything on the electrical components even if they are covered. It is strongly advised to keep the pressure of the water hose light as high pressure might cause the water to enter areas which it can potentially damage.

Finishing Up

Once you’re done with the cleaning process, remove the unwanted water from the engine bay by rubbing it with a microfiber cloth with caution. Where it does not seem possible for you to reach, use a leaf blower or vacuum to dry the engine completely and leave it open for a while just to be sure.

Once, you’re certain that the engine has completely dried off, you can now reconnect the battery. The process is now completed so you can start your car and wait for it to return to its normal temperature. After that, feel free to drive away wherever you would want.

Along with some other tips to keep your car as good as new,  adding cleaning your car’s engine bay as a part of your regular car maintenance schedule will keep your car in mint condition and get you a good price for it when you want to sell your used car in Dubai.

Maintaining your used car Dubai is something you should never put off for later. We know searching for a used car in a great condition isn’t an easy process which is why provides a 200 point inspection report with every listed car and recommends that motorists should keep their car as clean as possible.