How to Check Your Car’s Exhaust Smoke

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If you see smoking coming out from your car’s exhaust, it can be indicative of an underlying engine issue. To dig deeper, you can see the color of the exhaust smoke as this can lead you to the main issue. If the problem is way too serious and requires extensive repairs, you can always ditch your current vehicle and get one of the inspected and certified used cars in Dubai instead through

What Does Blue Smoke Indicate

Blue exhaust smoke usually shows that your vehicle’s engine is burning oil. You are likely to find it in the morning when the engine starts up. Blue exhaust smoke can either be caused by too little or too much oil. If too much oil enters the combustion chamber, it’s not good as this is one place where you don’t want oil. On the other hand, if there is too little oil, there is a chance that it can become overheated and really viscous and this also lets it enter the combustion chamber. 

To determine the real cause, you will have to check the dipstick. If it has gone above the ‘full’ mark, you will need to drain the excess. If it’s below the ‘add’ line, you will have to add oil. If the problem still persists, there could be some other reasons behind the issue. The root cause can also be a leaky head gasket or a broken piston ring. Either way, it’s best to get the problem fixed as soon as possible because it can become a compounding issue.

What Does Black Exhaust Smoke Mean

Black smoke is a sign that your fuel to air ratio has more fuel. This can be because of various things such as leaking injectors and issues with the engine management system. So, if you see that your car’s engine isn’t running the way it usually does or the car is burning gasoline more quickly, it could be because of a faulty sensor. You should fix the problem as soon as possible otherwise your engine will continue burning more fuel then it should.

What Does White Exhaust Smoke Hint At

If you see thin white smoke on a cold morning, it’s likely just white vapour and isn’t a cause of concern. However, if you see thick white smoke, it probably shows that your engine is burning coolant and this points towards problems with a head gasket or could also be indicative of a cracked engine block. Moreover, it could also indicate that your coolant/cooling system isn’t working properly.

Now, coolant entering the combustion chamber is a serious issue and it needs to be dealt with immediately. Otherwise, if the coolant leak gets mixed up with the oil in your vehicle, it can cause serious damage.

While exhaust smoke colour can help you identify the issue, you should visit a mechanic to get the issue fixed as soon as possible.

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