Five Questionable New Car Trends!

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Car designers often come up with unique ideas, a few of which become popular trends. However, there are also some trends that seem distasteful and can affect both the overall look and driving experience. Here are five questionable new car trends that might make you appreciate your used car in Dubai even more!

  1. Simulated stitching

Hand-stitched leather on a car gives it an exquisite touch. However, with the Honda HR-V Touring, things are a little different. Instead of using expert craftsmen, manufacturers rely on simulated stitching techniques to get work done faster, but the trade-off here is that the overall finish looks awfully fake. In fact, if you press against the thread, it will feel extremely plasticky to the extent that you might actually feel uncomfortable doing it again.

2. Low-profile tires

The second new car trend involves low-profile tires, like the one you see attached to the Volvo S90 T6 Inscription. These are nothing but big wheels with extremely slim tires attached to all four corners of the vehicle, and that’s a strange decision by the manufacturer and we’ll explain why. For one thing, the damages to the rims can look more prominent, ruining the aesthetics for when you head out to sell it for a better model. 

3. Uncomfortable headrests

If you’ve checked the uncomfortable headrest of the Volkswagen Arteon R-line, then you’ll know that this new car trend can significantly hamper the driving experience. Hopefully, manufacturers can go back to the drawing board and design something that doesn’t become more of a bobblehead.

4. Selecting gears with the push of a button

This change has more to do with personal preference than anything else. Push-button gear selectors are very convenient. However, for those that want that ‘old school’ feeling where your gear stick will make that click sound to let you know that your car has switched to the ‘park’ mode, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

5. Limited active safety

Technology such as sensors and other hardware that allow the modern-day cars to sport safety features are expensive to procure and install in vehicles. The Buick Regal GS is one such example where the manufacturer definitely decided to take some shortcuts to remove some active safety features

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