Here Are Some Weird Special Edition Cars

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While special edition cars can be exciting, some manufacturers churn out automobiles that aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Sure, everyone’s taste differs, but if you ask us, the following special edition cars fell flat. Thus, you might want to skip these ones and look for better used cars in Dubai. The experts at CarSwitch have compiled a list of cars that were weird but not wonderful!

Smart ForJeremy

If you want to turn heads on the road, this is your car. Smart got fashion designer Jeremy Scott on board and to differentiate the car from the rest of the pack, so he added a set of wings on the back. The car is available with three different engines and starts at £30,000 or nearly AED 137,000. Jeremy says he wanted to create something out of the ordinary and well, this car is anything but ordinary. And if the wings don’t put you off, they will surely irk you if you haven’t mastered reverse parking yet.

Abarth 695 Rivale

Well, don’t get us wrong. This one is both luxurious and elegant. Apparently, all the units have been sold out already. The Abarth 695 Rivale is actually a tribute to the luxury boat manufacturer Riva. The reason why this ride has earned a spot on our list is that it’s pretty unconventional. For instance, the interior is heavy on mahogany. However, if you like the car’s unique design, you will probably disagree with us.

BMW i8 Memphis Group

This car was presented by BMWi and garage Italia customs to honor the Memphis design group. It has an exclusive ‘Memphis-style’  exterior and interior – a way for the creators to pay homage to the cultural movement of the 1980s which revolutionized the world of design. The Memphis group defied all kinds of commercial logic and functionalism.

It encouraged daring and provocative designs. So, if you are into that kind of art, you might actually like this car. And if you are wondering, the interior is all about the Memphis design.

Skoda Felicia Fun

This was, as the name implies, a fun pickup. If the canary yellow doesn’t already scream fun, the handbrake, gearstick, dials, steering wheel, and door cards were also painted with the same color. Behind the back of the cabin was a compartment with two additional seats. Interestingly, even though Skoda originally planned to bring 300 Felicia Funs into the UK, it shipped double that amount.

So, maybe the car was fun after all, and we are the tasteless ones here? In our defence, even if the quirky design appeared attractive to you, the 75bhp 1.6-litre MPI engine paired with a five-speed gearbox left a lot to be desired.

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