Don’t Neglect Your Dubai Car’s Windshield Wipers

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Neglecting the condition of your windshield wipers is a common mistake. Windshield wipers are a lifesaver when it rains and can protect us from accidents by ensuring clear visibility. They also improve visibility during sandstorms, which are often faced by used cars in UAE. The experts at CarSwitch gathered some tips to help you take care of your windshield wipers.

  • Replace the Blades at Least Twice a Year: According to experts, the wipers are made to last around six months and may stop functioning properly after the six-month mark. You might also notice older wipers don’t clear the windshield properly anymore, and to overcome this problem you should buy new wipers in advance. Change your wipers regularly for optimum visibility. 
  • Keep the Windshield Clean: Your wipers are more likely to be prone to wear and tear if they have to sweep across an excessively dirty surface. Many gas stations provide this service for free. You can use a sponge to clean bits and pieces of dirt and leaves etc. from your windscreen before you start driving your car. When you clean your windscreen at home, make sure you’re using a clean sponge or a clean cloth. Communal spongers are likely to have small bits of debris and dirt stuck in them; this can even cause scratches on your windscreen. 
  • Never Run the Wipers on a Dry Windshield: Most drivers fail to realize this but wipers are only designed to run on a wet surface, dry surfaces increase the friction and can cause wear and tear. In case, you need to clean the windscreen when it’s dry for example if there’s a pollen build up, press the washer button first so the screen is wet. For this, you’ll also need to ensure your car’s fluids are always filled. 
  • Reposition the Blades to Remove stubborn grime: Dealing with grime-ridden and stuck wipers before going to work early in the morning is the last thing that you’d want to do. To avoid this situation, pull the blades a little further apart from the windshield. This will keep the rubber part of the blades from sticking to the screen, also making it easier to scrape off any excess dirt. 
  • Rearrange the windshield wipers for maximum performance: Your used car UAE wipers would work best when they are held firmly in the right position. Find the nut at the base of the cap after you remove the dust cap. Tighten and readjust the wipers.

The above pointers will help ensure better longevity of your wipers. Pay attention to the little things as doing so helps you avoid greater headaches in the future. Don’t forget to clean properly, readjust and replace when needed. 

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