Road trips in your Dubai used car are mostly fun. At least up until the conversations become shallow, the scenery becomes a monotonous compilation of all things blue, brown and green and there is only so much music you can listen to. You might have the best selling car with the most “electronically captivating” features, but has some tech-free solutions to your boring back seat moments!

  1. 20 questions

A old classic for any boring moment. One person thinks of something and the other participants get 20 yes or no questions to try to figure out what it is. If the person guesses correctly before their stock of 20 questions, they have won. If no one guesses, then the one answering has won the game and gets another turn.

  1. I spy

This game is essentially the same as I spy. But the difference is that the person has to choose an object within sight. One person says something like, “I spy something that begins with the letter * says the first name of the letter*”.The rest follows the same rules as 20 questions.

  1. Name the tune

Here’s where you can use the radio for more than just merciless flipping. The song that comes up first as you move the dial has to be guessed. The person who guesses the most has the most points.

  1. Keep the story going

In this game, one person starts a story and then stops after one sentence. The next person then picks up the story and adds to it. The tales can take crazy routes that makes for a good laugh!

  1. Friends (or family) charades

This fun game is a great test of how well you know your friends and family. The game is pretty straightforward; think of a particular quirk or specific mannerism of a friend and mimic that. See if your friends or family members can guess who you are signalling to!

  1. Spot the car

This game is pretty straight forward. Spot a car from a far off distance and guess the model, make and brand of the car. Guess the number of people in the Dubai used car or any other one and up the stakes!

  1. Fortunately-unfortunately

Another great way to brave those awfully long journeys. In this game, one person starts out by thinking of an unfortunate scenario such as “Unfortunately, the brakes of our car are failing.” The opponent has to think of a solution such as “Shift to the emergency brake” or “signal for help”. But that solution has to come within 10 minutes. The game can be taken to unbound heights of ridiculousness!

Our fun and admittedly silly suggestions to liven up your boring backseat car moments can hopefully make your road trips a bit more enjoyable. And what’s life without some silliness?

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