8 Best Places to Get Your Car Washed Before Selling Car in Dubai!

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8 best places to get your car washed before selling car in Dubai!
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If you plan on selling car in Dubai, UAE, a regular car wash is important to keep your car looking new. Even old cars can get a fair resale value if they look good. If you are too busy to wash your car yourself, CarSwitch lists the 8 best places to get your car washed.

orange auto selling car

Orange Auto

Located in the Al Quoz area, Orange Auto has qualified and experienced workers who will leave your car shining. It provides one of the best car wash services in Dubai. Moreover, they have a variety of washing options available from manual wash to steam wash. Due to their reasonable prices and excellent service, they have a 4.4 rating on Google. They offer repair services as well.

CarBox selling car


This one is a mobile based car wash service operating through a user friendly app. All you have to do is download the app and book your services at a time convenient to you. Moreover, they have easy payment methods. They provide a range of services at different prices. Even more, to save cost you can choose for monthly to yearly packages. What more could you want!

camel selling car

Camel Car Wash

This car wash service is famous in Dubai due to its reliability and convenience. They offer services at your doorstep as well as at their Service Centers. The Service Center is located in Al Quoz 3. Furthermore, they also clean bikes which is definitely a plus point. The services cost between AED 50 and 500 depending on the package you opt for. With a rating of 4.5 on Google, they are certainly doing a good job!

keno car care selling car

Keno Car Care

Providing services on a click, Keno Car Care gives services through an easy to use app. All you have to do is download the app and book your car wash session. The skilled crew will pick up your used car Dubai and do all the required work for you. After that, they’ll deliver your washed car back to you. Due to its convenience, it has a 4.5 rating in Dubai.

mist wash selling car

Mist Wash

Mist Wash provides a variety of car wash packages from which you can choose. The services range from AED 75 and above. Most noteworthy is their ‘Quickie’ package which is convenient and fast. All you have to do is make a booking through their website. Having a 5 star rating on Google, they are less likely to make mistakes while washing your car.

auto pro selling car


AutoPro is famous for its prowash service in Dubai. It has several branches in Dubai which makes locating it convenient. Their wash services include manual or automatic wash of exterior and engine. Furthermore, they also provide Xtreme Pro Wash service. This covers cleaning as well as polishing of exterior and interior. They have a good rating on Google which reflects their awesome work.

clean car selling car

Clean Car

If you are an environmentalist, this Car Wash is perfect for you. A regular car wash takes about 20 liters of water whereas Clean Car uses only 1 liter of water. Most noteworthy is that they will come anywhere you want with their equipment and clean your car in 20 minutes. Also, they ensure that no water remains on the floor. Pretty impressive!

crystal shine car wash selling car

Crystal Shine Car Care

Conveniently located near Sheikh Zayed Road, Crystal Shine Car Wash offers multiple services. From car detailing to car repairing, they do their job with extreme professionalism. Their signature service is to prepare a car for those prepping on selling car in Dubai UAE. They’ve been providing these services for over a decade. With a 4.8 star rating on Google, they are surely one of the best car care suppliers in town.

If you have time on your hands, you can always follow our guide to washing your car. After all, a dirty car can get you fined.

A well-kept car, no matter how old it is, always has a better resale value when you sell your car. This is why CarSwitch.com makes sure that cars are in good condition before listing them for sale.