7 Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Sale in the UAE

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Many car owners underestimate the importance of prepping their car for sale before they sell car in Dubai, UAE. Even some simple polishing can bump up the price of your car and make it more attractive to customers. Just follow these tips by CarSwitch pros to find good buyers quickly and make the process smoother.

  1. Set the right price: You of course want to get the most out of selling your car, but a very high price can scare away your customers. The trick is to keep it a little higher than what you think is a reasonable price, so that there is a bit of room for negotiation. CarSwitch.com can provide a great starting point.
  2. Get your car polished: Buyers tend to overweigh the visuals of the car but you will be surprised by how many little marks and scratches can be polished away without a trace. Our friends at CarBox can send a team to your office or home and your car will look new by the time they are done! You can download their app (Apple. Google PlayStore) or call them at 600541004 to schedule.
  3. Prep up for the RTA inspection: Make sure that your car will pass the RTA inspection. Most cars fail because their tires are more than 4 years old or brake-pads are worn out.
  4. Get a copy of the car’s service history: Every buyer would want to know if your car has been regularly serviced. Visit your service centre to get a copy of the car’s service history and let the buyer know that it was in good hands.
  5. Clear your fines: Any outstanding fines on the car will stand as a hurdle in the process so get them out of the way before listing the car. You might also have to visit the police station if you have picked up any black points.
  6. If your car is financed, then clear the loan: Clear your car loan before taking it to the market because banks often take more than a week to do the paperwork. Doing so will enable you to sell and transfer the car immediately when you find a good buyer. For more complex transactions (e.g., buyer also wants a loan, you don’t have the cash to clear the loan), enlist a service like CarSwitch to help you.
  7. Line up a replacement: Many car sellers who don’t line up a replacement for their car see good buyers slip through their fingers when they are in a hurry to take possession. CarSwitch can help you find a car quickly.

Need help to sell car in Dubai, UAE? CarSwitch can make the entire process quick and easy for you!

  • No shady commission-seeking agents or flaky buyers: We’ll deal with all the advertising and calls from buyers. No more waiting for flaky buyers to show up or selling to shady agents at a massive discount.
  • More value for your car: All cars have undergone the CarSwitch 200pt check so buyers know exactly what’s up with the ride. Every car comes with a 3 month/unlimited Kilometers warranty which increases the value of your car!
  • We’ve got you covered: We take care of the final paperwork at the RTA and get it right the first time, so no need to waste your evening transferring the car!

Ready for a switchin’ experience? Sit back and let us help you sell your car.

Happy shopping!