First Edition 2020 Toyota Supra Sold for a Staggering $2.1 Million!

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Dubai’ans, this news is going to take you by surprise! The first production car of the much-awaited 2020 Toyota Supra was bought for a massive $2.1 million at an auction. Surely, it will be a long time before we see it among used cars Dubai though car enthusiasts can’t wait for it. CarSwitch tells you all you need to know about it.

Toyota is known for its practical and economical used cars in Dubai but not this time. This all new  Toyota Supra has been reborn after several years. The Toyota Supra’s claim to fame was after it was featured in the hollywood movie: The Fast and the Furious!

Therefore, being an iconic sports coupe, many car enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the 2020 Toyota Supra to come out.  And one of those car fanatics paid this staggering among to buy it and that too on a Charity Auction event.

What makes it special?

This Supra is not just any other Supra, it has its unique traits. One of them is the distinctive vin number which is 20201. This VIN stands for 2020 being the production year and ‘1’ marks it as the first one out of the production line.

used cars Dubai

Furthermore, it comes with a matte grey exterior which is also known as ‘Phantom Matte’. Additionally, red mirror caps along with matte black wheels make it even more exclusive. This one-off color combination will remain limited to this car only for now.

Apart from the color and VIN, the engine cover will be signed by the CEO of Toyota, Akio Toyoda. Also, it comes with a VIP race track day which consists of passes for 400 NASCAR race, an opportunity to drive with Michael Waltrip, gloves, helmet and of course a customized racing suit.

Surely, true gearheads would pay huge amounts of money when they set their eyes on their dream car. Though, do you think that if it was listed in used cars Dubai, a car fanatic would buy it for such a massive price? We think someone would, considering its distinctiveness.

On the other hand, some people would opt for a more exotic car at this price. No matter what the case is, is here to help you!