The Shape-Shifting Blackbird Can Imitate Any Car for Sale!

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Do you know there is a shape shifting car that can mimic any car for sale in Dubai, or the world for that matter? It’s true and totally unbelievable! Known as the Blackbird, it is an electric dune-buggy like car with a completely customizable chassis. tells you all about it.

It is created by The Mill which is a Creative Content and digital effects studio in London, UK. This car is the ultimate solution that can be used for advertisements. Also, it can be used to mimic even the best cars from Hollywood movies.

This is a beneficial solution for automakers because they don’t need to worry about the availability or model revisions of the car. This shape-shifting car would decrease the need for the presence of the actual car as well as prevent the original ride from being harmed.

car for sale in Dubai

It is fitted with a 360 degree camera which allows it to adjust to the environment and impersonate the required car. After that, the CGI experts can easily use an overlay to turn it into any desirable car.

Also known as the fully customizable car rig, it can match its suspension to imitate any car. Also, just add the rims of any new car and it can imitate it. Moreover, it can increase almost four feet in length and ten inches in width. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

As The Mill claims, it can give the real footage of the car through 3D laser scanning and dynamic imagery. Additionally, it can also capture the surroundings of the car so that they can be easily transformed in to a viable video tape of car. Hence, this allows them to be turned into advertisements.

Moreover, they have worked with world famous brands like Lincoln, GMC, Nissan, Mercedes and many more. The blackbird is responsible for many top advertisements like Clown by Audi, Shift by Lexus and perfect rhythm by Lincoln and so on.

Now, this is what we call impressive! If you could convert your car into any car for sale in Dubai, wouldn’t it be as exciting. Let’s see when someone comes up with a real-time shape shifting vehicle. Till, then has an extensive range of cars where you can choose your next car from!