Ferrari Roma Arrives in the UAE!

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Ferrari Roma arrives in the UAE!
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Not long ago, Ferrari surprised us with its latest reveal, the 2020 Ferrari Roma, and we’re pleased to tell you that you won’t have to wait long before seeing it among cars for sale in Dubai. It was launched recently at Bulgari Hotel & Resorts, Dubai. gives you the full details. 

The promising grand-tourer, Roma not only looks distinct but offers high levels of performance. 

Depicting modern Rome (which it’s named after) from the 50’s and 60’s, bringing the “la Dolce Vita” concept to life. Its Italian design and refined execution make it one of the finest in Ferraris so far. 

Under the hood, it carries the award-winning turbo-charged V8 which made its debut in the famous F8 Tributo. This version of the engine goes to 620cv at 7500 rpm. It is paired with the 8-speed DCT gearbox which is also found on the recent Ferrari F90 Stradale. 

Almost 3/4th of its components are entirely new and it’s chassis profits from the latest technology incorporated in it by Ferrari for its next-gen models. Additionally, its exceptional weight/power ratio which is top in its segment allows it to be more responsive and agile. Moreover, it is designed to provide top-notch driving pleasure owing to its low weight and the latest iteration of Side Slip Control. 

Engineers at Maranello have integrated numerous cutting-edge technologies to Ferrari Roma. The most noteworthy being a mobile rear spoiler joined into its rear screen which ensures the downforce that is important for outstanding performance by automatically becoming effective at top speeds and helps the car retain its grace when retracted. 

As for the cabin, it is developed on a new architectural concept. It offers the Dual Cockpit concept which features separate spaces for the driver and passenger. The cabin combines a good balance of sportiness and refinement and its contemporary design language gives its interior a refined character. 

Additionally, Ferrari offers a 7-year maintenance programme with the new Roma which concentrates on client servicing. This assures buyers that their new Ferrari will be kept at its best for a long period of time. 

This recently launched beauty is a delight for fans looking for Ferrari cars for sale in Dubai. However, it will be pricey so if you want a car that’s in your budget, you can search for them on!

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