Al Tayer Brings Ferrari F8 Tributo to the UAE!

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Ferrari is in a league of its own. Ferrari owners rarely want to sell their Ferrari which is why, not many are seen among used cars for sale in Dubai. Recently, Al Tayer launched the iconic Ferrari Tributo and it is a sight to behold. The great news is that its open for bookings. CarSwitch brings you the update.

used cars Dubai

At a recent launch event in Dubai at the Bulgari Hotel Yacht Club, Ferrari F8 Tributo was unveiled. It made its debut at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show and gained tremendous appreciation.

This iconic Ferrari has a lot of unique attributes but the best one is that it sports the best 8 cylinder engine in history.  This F8 Tributo holds a record specific power output of 185 cv/l with a massive 720 cv without any turbo lag. The engine it holds has been a part of many special or limited editions. Though, now it is available to the general public for use.

What makes it more enticing is that the 8 cylinder engine is the most powerful ever built. It has won awards for ‘Best Engine’ for three consecutive years, 2016, 2017 and 2018. This car has won the hearts of many worldwide after its appearance. Its arrival in UAE is an exciting turn.

Furthermore, this Tributo can go from 0- 100 kph in a scorching 2.9 seconds topping off at 340km/h. Its design, performance and comfort is going to give the other Prancing Horses a run for their money.

This hypercar sets a high precedent for all cars to come with its exceptional handling, performance, excellent ride comfort and of course the drop-dead gorgeous looks.

Styled by the Ferrari Styling Center, it boasts of a new design language yet emphasizing on the high performance and fantastic aerodynamics which are Ferrari’s strong suit. In-fact, it is the most efficient aerodynamic, mid-engineered coupe ever produced.

In comparison to 488 GTB, it is 40kg lighter than F8 Tributo. Not  just that, F8 is 10% more aerodynamically efficient.

That being said, you can book your Ferrari F8 Tributo at Al Tayer Motors, Abu Dhabi. Unfortunately,  it seems unlikely that this gem of a car will ever make it to used cars Dubai as who would want to sell it. Although, if you’re looking for any other sassy sports car, you can buy one from!