Avoid Fine and Black Points in Abu Dhabi by Parking Correctly During Ramadan!

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Residents of Abu Dhabi, be careful while parking your used cars Abu Dhabi during Taraweeh prayers during the month of Ramadan. Drivers who block traffic near mosques will be subject to fine and black points warns Abu Dhabi Police. CarSwitch digs into details.

Motorists who do not follow these four parking rules will face a fine of AED 500 and 4 black points:

  • Blocking traffic by parking in front of mosques
  • Parking their used cars Abu Dhabi on intersections or service roads
  • Parking on pedestrian crossings.
  • Parking in spots for taxis

Taraweeh prayers are offered only in Ramadan after the last compulsory prayers of the day. This warning was given to prevent drivers from illegal parking. Recently, Dubai Police has also urged motorists to drive safely during this holy month.

During this month, police patrols increase due to the increase in traffic surrounding mosques. Also, the need to secure residential areas or stop violation of traffic laws is prioritized due to the rise in traffic. These patrols aim to maintain the smooth flow of traffic.

Furthermore, cars not parked properly cause traffic blockage which can be nerve-wrecking for other motorists. Additionally, they obstruct first-responders as well as ambulances from reaching those in need.

It is also essential for those who are fasting to drive safely considering low blood sugar and dehydration. It is a must for drivers to stop if they feel drowsy. It is essential to follow speed limits, avoid tailgating, wear a seatbelt and be courteous to others while driving.

So, those driving their used cars Abu Dhabi should be extra careful while parking to avoid the following fines. A little extra precaution will make it easier for you as well as other motorists. Of course, using public transport is a good option as well. Happy Fasting!