RTA’s Smart Parking System Takes the Hassle out of Finding a Parking Spot!

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New and used car owners in Dubai will now find it easier to find a parking spot with the help of a smart parking system! The system will assist motorists in saving the time that is wasted on searching for a parking space.

This system was previously introduced on Banyas road and Shaikh Zayd road and is now being expanded to other areas. Now, the smart parking will cover a greater area of Shaikh Zayed Road, Al-Rigga and World Trade centre.

There are going to be 2,030 sensors with 70 digital cameras installed overhead and a massive total of 3,035 parking spots monitored by a central control system. Used car owners can find the vacant spots through RTA’s mobile app or via the electronic sign boards at the parking slots.

The RTA claims that the smart system helps drivers cut time wastage by 20-30 percent.

Maitha Mohammad bin Adai, CEO of Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority, stated that “The system involves sophisticated technologies like ground sensors and digital cameras to monitor the usage of parking through detecting vacant slots and instantly transmitting information to the central system for display onto the information signs and the smart app”.

She also added that the system generates precise and real-time information about the location and number of vacant parking spots in the “smart-parking covered areas”.

She further reiterated that its a hassle-free process of nabbing a parking spot and saves about 20-30% of the time when searching for parking spots. The time equals to about eight minutes and also cuts down on traffic congestions and road accidents.

The benefits don’t just stop here; the RTA also mentions that the move would also improve the air quality by controlling the carbon emissions generated while looking for a parking system. The rate is given at about 239 tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum.

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