CarSwitch Keeping Buyers and Sellers Safe Through Its Secure Payment Service

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carswitch secure payment service
Use Carswitch’s #1 rated service to buy or sell used cars in UAE

CarSwitch is the go to hub to buy and sell cars in the UAE since its launch. It is hands down the safest place to buy a used car with assured quality and great value. For sellers, it is the easiest marketplace to sell cars as you gain access to tremendous viewership without having to deal with any of the pains of selling. While for buyers, all the cars advertised on the CarSwitch website are verified and pre-inspected.

Nonetheless, the financial aspects of any purchase is always the top concern! Where CarSwitch provides a fraud proof process of payment to protect both the buyer and seller. 

How It Works

CarSwitch mediates all transactions, matching buyers and sellers and supporting them through the entire purchasing journey. Once a match is made, buyers proceed to purchase the car through cash, credit card, cheque, bank finance or any other payment method they prefer. Their payment is secured and kept safe until the transfer of car ownership is scheduled with the private seller. Only upon the successful completion of transfer the funds are actually exchanged, such that both the buyer and seller are 100% safe.  Making CarSwitch the safest medium through which to buy and sell cars between private individuals! 

The Secure Payment service is free of charge, and so adoption has been an obvious hit, with hundreds CarSwitch users particularly valuing


Buying, or selling, a car is the highest value transaction you make in your lifetime (after real-estate). So above all, users want the peace of mind that nothing can go wrong – it’s fraud proof! With CarSwitch Secure Payment, there’s no opportunity for bounced cheques, or money being exchanged without the car ownership being transferred. You’re kept safe! 


Traditionally, sellers are not comfortable collecting cheques as a form of payment (nor should they be!). Accordingly, buyers must journey to their bank to collect cash, keep it safe until transfer, awkwardly count bills in a public space which ownership is transferred, then the seller makes the bank journey once again and needs to justify where all the cash came from. CarSwitch Secure Payment eliminates that entire headache. 

View our website or download the CarSwitch app (Android/iOS) to find the safest deals, with assistance every step of the way, all free of charge! 

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