5 Cars With the Best Infotainment Systems

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ford 2020
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An infotainment system is undoubtedly one of the highlights of a car. They are attractive visual centers that brighten up when you step into the vehicle. The versatility of this system varies depending on manufacturing companies, but the best ones have the perfect blend of entertainment and information. 

On average, an infotainment system also has the functions of navigation, Bluetooth, stereo etc. There are simpler infotainment systems as well, which lack these basic functions. However, if you are in search of the best infotainment found in cars for this year, you are in the right place. This article covers a detailed list of high-end cars with impressive infotainment interfaces.

BMW iDrive

This is perhaps the limelight of the infotainment world. Simple tasks like changing the volume, turning on the radio and taking phone calls is a breeze due to the gesture recognition. The options on the menu are clearly visible, and the touchscreen functionality is a perk as well. 

Apart from this, the hard preset buttons of the car are unique in their own way. They can save useful information like navigation destinations and frequently visited radio stations. This feature saves a lot of time and is convenient. Another tool of click-wheel controllers is now considered common in BMW, which shows how much the car has improved the infotainment system from the early days.

Jeep Gladiator

The Jeep deserves to be on this list because of many reasons. Firstly the 5-inch touchscreen and two USB ports give ease and functionality. Secondly, the Bluetooth, along with the Uconnect system, adds more benefits. The used cars for sale in Dubai have the Jeep Gladiator with a better infotainment system.

This is because they are on a higher level than the base trim. The higher level includes an 8.4-inch touchscreen, Android Auto, wireless speaker and navigation. The Bluetooth is waterproof and can be removed as well. Apple CarPlay, Alpine audio system and HD radio are available too.

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 Audi A8

audi a8 2020

Audi is a rival among luxury cars, and it has superior infotainment features. Graphics are clear, and the system is highly responsive. Audi has named its infotainment system as Multi-Media Interface (MMI) which consists of a click-wheel controller and other functions. The 10.1-inch touchscreen has a dual display and is situated at the upper side whereas another 8.6-inch screen is positioned beneath it. Both of these touch screens handle different tasks. For example, the upper screen manages smartphone integration, sound and navigation. 

On the other hand, the lower screen handles seating settings, handwriting recognition, shortcuts of the infotainment system and climate control. Much importance is given to the audio system, which is made of a 17-speaker Bang that delivers strong sound. Moreover, the 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and Olufsen stereo enhance the audio. The cluster has some display benefits too. The dual-tablet system will keep you entertained throughout your drive. The A8 provides wireless charging as well.

Volkswagen GTI

Being a competitive compact car, it boasts a strong infotainment system which is easy-to-use and dynamic. A 6.5-inch touchscreen is paired with a USB-C port, Wi-Fi hotspot, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Bluetooth, MirrorLink and the Volkswagen Car-Net-App-Connect add more accessibility. 

As for the higher trim level, you will get the satellite radio, intuitive menus and flexible controls. An 8-inch touchscreen and USB port is available in this trim as well. In case you are looking for more features, the Autobahn upgrade hosts an 8-speaker Fender stereo system and bright graphics.

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Ford F-150

This monster truck has a remarkable infotainment interface in the XL version. Ford F-150 comes with a USB port and voice-activated sync system. The 8-inch touchscreen is included in the XLT upgrade with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hotspot, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. More available features are included in the higher trims such as Olufsen stereo system, satellite radio and navigation.

So these were some of the best infotainment systems of 2020. They are highly functional and worth the money. You can get these cars with dynamic entertainment and information centres. 

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