Apex AP-0 Concept Is a 650 Horsepower Sportscar

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Apex Motorcars has announced that the Apex AP-0 will be unveiled in 2022. This entirely electric concept car has an augmented reality racing instructor. According to Apex, this new car will “gamify the way drivers can learn new racetracks and deliver the ultimate immersive racing experience.” CarSwitch.com, an online marketplace for certified used cars for sale in Sharjah did some research to share the details with you.

Apex has contended that this model will not just be another hypercar; this promise becomes apparent from its pricing, the power output it guarantees, and the weight of the vehicle. It is on a mission to create the best zero-emissions sports cars in the world. The model is fast and light. Race drivers around the world are waiting for this model to hit the markets. 

The supercar will officially possess a range of 320 miles; it will be powered through a 350kW CCS connecter. One of its most prominent features is the little time required for the battery to charge. It can be charged up to 80% in even less than 15 minutes. Another feature to be considered is the weight of this vehicle. AP-0 has a weight of 1200kg, which is relatively lower than most electric sports cars. Its lightweight is due to the carbon fibre tub used in its core. Its sleek design employs modular spaceframes paired with a center spine that helps connect both the rear and the front. 

The bodyshell of the vehicle is covered around the spine and the tub but the carbonfibre chassis still remains exposed. The batteries are fixed on the floor at both front and rear, which helps reach the lowest centre of gravity. 

This vehicle makes use of the pushrod suspension system, which is similar to usual Formula 1 vehicles. It has features like automatic ride height adjustment made possible through the adjustable dampers and coil-over springs. The supercar also employs Level 3 autonomy. This comprises lane-keeping assistance and automatic emergency braking system in cases of potential collisions to help the drivers navigate their way better. Apex contends that the system is efficient enough for self-driving (level 4)  but only when this is categorized as “safely achievable”.

AP-0 makes use of Lidar technology. It has sensors installed high up on the roof of the vehicle’s central fin. These sensors help produce detailed, three-dimensional maps of the areas surrounding the vehicle to assist with navigation. This technology assists the driver to avoid hazards and can help identify potential collisions as well. It also aims to make the driver’s experience easier and efficient through the use of holographic augmented reality display.

This feature serves as a race instructor. It can assist the driver in learning and adapting to current race tracks. Guy Colborne, the designer of this supercar maintains that the production version will largely be unchanged from the idea presented in the concept version, “We’re going to work on ingress and egress, by pushing the tub down a bit, for starters. And then practicality aspects – for example, whether we can package in a frunk [front boot] for luggage.”

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