Automakers Produce Masks and Ventilators to Fight Coronavirus

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The auto industry halted their usual business and played their part during World War II by constructing planes, tanks, jeeps and other tools. Eighty years later, the auto industry is playing its part to help during the global COVID-19 pandemic., an online marketplace for used cars in Dubai, brings you insights into how some of the leading auto companies around the world are helping.  


Powered air-purifying respirators (PAPRs) are essential when it comes to COVID-19. To help increase the production of PAPRs, Ford has collaborated with 3M. The self-powered filtration mechanism is aimed at protecting health care workers against viruses. To further enhance the process and produce PAPRs on a larger scale, Ford is using existing resources at hand. The fans installed in F-150 pickup trucks are being employed in the manufacturing process of the PAPRS.  

Ford is making significant efforts to protect health care workers; they are employing their technology to come up with gears to protect against airborne contaminants. The design team at Ford designed shields that cover the entire face length. The shield will be helpful in protecting medical staff from airborne droplets that carry the virus and are produced by patients when they cough and sneeze. 

The testing of the first batch of shields in hospitals surrounding Detroit has begun and health care workers have given positive feedback. Ford officials told the press that 100,000 shields can be manufactured every week by collaborating with the United Auto Workers Union. The worldwide shortage of ventilators has made the treatment of patients difficult. To combat this problem Ford has joined hands with GE Healthcare to increase the numbers of ventilators. They assist the patients by pumping breathable air into their lungs to make breathing easier for them. 

General Motors

General Motors has also directed its efforts to help in this worldwide crisis. They have joined hands with Ventec Life Systems to help increase the number of ventilators. Ventec intends to use GM’s logistical efficiency, purchasing powers, and manufacturing power to produce more ventilators. 

Fiat Chrysler

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has tentative plans to produce and then donate approximately more than 1 million protective gears. This gear will involve a protective face mask to prevent infections via airborne droplets. FCA has been dedicating its efforts to the production of face masks and expects to begin distribution in a few weeks from now. 

As companies around the world are contributing to prevent the spread of coronavirus, we should also play our part. We should take necessary precautions when going out, disinfect our cars and homes daily, and double up on our hygiene.

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