7 Ways to Keep Your Leather Car Seats Shining in Sharjah

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Your car’s leather car seats require special care and attention. They can get easily damaged due to extensive usage as well as food and beverage spills which can make your car look stained and dull. Regular car maintenance is quite important if you plan to put up your used car for sale in Sharjah. The experts at CarSwitch have shortlisted some ways to keep your leather seats in good shape!

1. Read the manual

Check for the instruction manual that came with your car. It may provide all the necessary care tips such as the types of cleaning products that you should use and types you should avoid.

2. Be careful around holes

If your car seats have holes, get them fixed as soon as possible and avoid spilling liquids into them. In case mending isn’t an option, consider getting new car seats. 

3. Use a vacuum

It is time to take out your vacuum for cleaning things other than just your carpets. Use the vacuum to get rid of unwanted crumbs or particles on your seats. But because they’re made of leather, be cautious while using the vacuum. Its end can scratch the leather and leave a mark.

4. Buy yourself a cleaning spray

You can either buy a cleaning solution spray or make your own at home. For the latter, all you need is to mix one cup of white vinegar into two cups of linseed oil. Then, take either solution and pour it onto a towel and start cleaning your leather seats. But be sure to check the manual before doing so. You’d be surprised by how quickly dust and dirt can accumulate.

5. You can also add a brush

Just to be more thorough, you can use the same cleaning solution and apply it onto the leather seats directly. However, this time, instead of using a towel, use any old soft-bristled toothbrush to get rid of dirt from hard-to-reach places.

6. Your hair isn’t the only thing that needs conditioning!

Just like your hair need a conditioner, so do your leather car seats! It is just one of the additional ways to keep them shining. For all the car enthusiasts who will not mind making the extra effort, buy a conditioner that’s suitable for your car seats. You’ll be looking for a pH neutral conditioner that is water-based. The bottle should explicitly state that it is recommended for leather materials.

7. Make a schedule for cleaning your leather car seats 

The cleaning process is fairly simple and straightforward. But now you need to decide how often to do it. This all depends on how often you use your car and the number of people that use your car. A thorough deep clean once every season and a quick cleaning session every few weeks is recommended.

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