7 Things Responsible Car Owners in Sharjah Need to Do!

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Taking care of your used car in Sharjah can be a challenging task since maintenance requires effort and money, but doing so can be an investment in the long run. Proper maintenance ensures the durability of your car. Here are a few pointers that can help you look after your car effectively:

  1. Drive carefully: Follow traffic rules! It’s important to drive your car gently, avoiding sharp turns and abrupt brakes. This reduces the pressure on your car’s mechanical components, reducing wear and tear. Also, avoid driving when you’re tired. Not only does this help prevent accidents, but it also helps you drive cautiously. 
  2. Pay close attention to your tires: Bumpy roads and long drives can cause your tires to wear down. Ideally, you should properly examine your tires at least once a week, and before and after every trip to avoid accidents. Extremely hot temperatures can disturb the tire pressure of your used cars in UAE. Therefore, you should regularly get your tire pressure checked. 
  3. Find a good mechanic: Don’t just go to the first mechanic that you come across. Do some research to find an experienced mechanic who is best at what he does. Read reviews online and ask around for suggestions. 
  4. Check all fluids of your car: Motor oil is the key to your car’s performance. It is essential to lubricate all the moving components of your car. Be sure to regularly check the oil levels in your car. It can easily be done by opening the bonnet and removing the dipstick. The oil level in your engine should always fall between maximum and minimum markings. It is recommended that you should get your oil changed by a professional. The frequency of doing so depends on the mileage as well as the type of vehicle and oil. 
  5. Keep it clean: This cannot be stressed enough. Regularly scrub the windshield of your car. A dirty windshield can distort vision and become a safety hazard. After long drives, always thoroughly clean your windshield with a good quality cleaning fluid. While you’re at it, also make sure that your headlights and wipers are clean and functioning properly. 
  6. Keep your car covered: Park your car in your garage or under a shed. This will protect it from the weather. Continuous exposure to the sun can permanently damage the exterior surfaces of your car. Parking your car in the garage also helps avoid unnecessary scratches that other vehicles might inflict over time. 
  7. Have a roadside emergency kit at hand: Most people are not prepared to deal with emergency situations. In case you face a flat tire, it is important to have the necessary tools to get the car moving again. 

These tricks can make car maintenance easier and help you keep it in good condition all year round. Moreover, they will improve the resale value of your vehicle in case you decide to sell your used car in Sharjah.

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