5 Problems Most Used Car Owners in Dubai Have Faced!

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Cars are great; there is no debate about that. But there is a catch. Your used car can give you a hard time sometimes. Here are CarSwitch.com’s 6 most relatable car problems!

  1. What’s that smell?

Your used car is a four-wheeled shadow of you and it’s natural that you would worry about the way it smells when you have passengers. When you have “guests” in your car, they are basically sharing the same air in a moving machine. In that moment of pure vulnerability, your lungs seize up thinking if anyone can catch a whiff of the over-spicy Indian food you had in your car a day ago. Hopefully, that air-freshener works!

  1. Is gas too low?

Nobody and we repeat nobody, wants to be the driver on the side of the road who has to call for help because they have run out of gas. Raise your hand if you think you can eke out a trip or two with low gas levels! But when the indicator edges closer to “E” and there is hardly any petrol station in sight, here comes the “lungs seizing” again!

  1. The dilemma of the tiny parking space

Let’s face it. We’ve never had to scratch our heads about this one. We believe that as long as we have the motivation, that tiny parking space is all ours! Particularly, when you have been driving for what feels like an eternity and you will fight to your death till you get that parking spot!

  1. The “magical” scratches on your bumper

Scratches on your new or used car are kind of like unwanted pimples. They can pop up with your knowledge and cause stress. Moreover, the time and effort required to remove them can be headache inducing as well. Everybody looks like a suspect when you encounter when that soul-crushing scratch!

  1. The odds of rain after you get a car wash

Frankly speaking, car washes don’t happen as much as they should. But the clouds always seem darker and heavier when they do and before you know it, you are welcomed by the pitter patter of rain on the ground and the roof of your car. Mother nature’s unforgiving attitude towards our responsible behaviour is but a little demoralizing.

No matter how grave or puny the problems of car-owning maybe, they are still the greatest inventions of mankind and we will continue to buy them. Hop on to CarSwitch.com to buy a pre-inspected, certified and warrantied used car in a hassle-free experience!